Legal Research: Each legal work requires legal research. The virtual paralegals can do such legal research effectively. Legal Research is many times time consuming and can take hours and even days. But an attorney cannot dedicate his complete time to such time consuming researches. In such cases legal research is entrusted to virtual paralegals. The issue of dispute is divided into sub parts and then the virtual paralegals are entrusted with the research of such sub parts. They utilize the facilities over the internet and conduct the research.

Deposition Summaries: During the interrogation stage in any litigation a lot of witnesses give their deposition. These depositions run to pages and not each and every statement recorded in the deposition is important or many a times related to the litigation. These depositions are summarized by the virtual paralegals so that the attorney’s can gather an understanding of the deposition without wasting much of their time.

Entity Creation: Most of the business entities can be created online nowadays and virtual paralegals can do the same for you. The procedural formalities to be met with are simple and not too legal. It is for this reason that the virtual paralegals are completely equipped to help you out in fulfilling the legal formalities involved in the creation of a business entity.

Litigation Support Services: Litigation support services include preparing the court documents, filing the court documents etc. Virtual paralegals are well equipped to prepare the required support services related to any litigation.

Document Review: Legal issues like Mergers & Acquisition, Litigation etc all involve a lot of paperwork. Virtual paralegals are well equipped to arrange, organize and index documents in the order of relevance and importance and perform document review accordingly.

Legal Transcription Services: Virtual paralegals are also equipped to in transcription of documents related to any legal matter. Be it correspondence, notes, memorandums, minutes of meetings and other items regularly dictated by lawyers / attorneys these can be transcribed by paralegals. Our teams of legal transcribers (virtual paralegals) are experienced in all areas. The sound files could be any digital format and we would deliver the transcribed document as per your requirement.

Prepare Legal Briefs: Our team is capable of preparing Legal briefs. A legal brief summarizes a court decision by outlining, the facts of the case, the legal issues, and the rationale for the court’s decision. Legal Decisions might run to pages, it would save the attorney’s valuable time if the decisions are summarized by the virtual paralegals.

Prepare Case Outline: A case outline can help anyone understand the case, but then preparing case outline is a tedious task as nothing can be missed out on. If anything is missed out then it might create problems in the future. It is for this reason that case outlines are to be made with utmost case. But then the attorney’s cannot spend a major chunk of their time preparing case outline as it would eat away their time and the same might not be economical for the client. It is in such instances that the services of virtual paralegals are employed so as to prepare case outline.

Case Management: Litigation usually takes ages to end and it is very important that all the papers and documents related to the particular litigation / case are all maintained and managed. If any document is misplaced or lost then the same might not be a very beneficial scenario. Each piece of paper in litigation is important, equal importance is also to be given to the days on which the parties have to attend and appear before the court of law, any mistake or carelessness in this regard might prove to be costly. The attorney’s and law firms deal with innumerable litigation / cases on a day to day basis and it is impossible for them to keep a track of all the cases. But the virtual paralegals can easily manage all the papers related to the case and also keep a track of all the court dates. The virtual paralegals are entrusted with a particular case and they can effectively manage all the case documents and keep a track of all the hearing dates and other court dates related to the case, thus reducing the chances of any error. It is so because a person, that is, the virtual paralegal is solely dedicated to manage all the details related to your case.

Trial Exhibit Preparation: During the trial stages the virtual paralegals can also be entrusted with a lot of other works. Such works include preparing power point presentations for opening and closing statements and for presentation of other exhibits. All this would provide the attorney’s with more time, and the time can be utilized by the attorney’s to determine legal loopholes and legal solutions for the case.

Draft demand letters: Infringement and encroachment is now an everyday phenomenon. Almost every other day some one or the other encroaches on your property or publishes a defamatory remark or does anything of the similar nature. The first step to be taken in this regard is to send such offenders letters informing them that they are committing a legal wrong and if such activity is not stopped then the same would lead to severe legal consequences. Such letters are not of legal nature, but the letters must be worded such that the infringer understands that the continued infringement or encroachment can lead to severe legal consequences. The drafting skills of an attorney to draft such demand letters is not required, a virtual paralegal can effectively draft such letters. The letters are to be strongly worded so that the infringer clearly understands that he is committing an act which is legally wrong and the same would have severe legal consequences. Such letters can be effectively drafted by virtual paralegals.

Due Diligence Documentation: Due diligence is the task of attorney’s but prior to such due diligence the documents for due diligence are to be reviewed and classified in order of importance. It is done so that the attorney’s does not have to waste his time by reviewing documents which are irrelevant. The virtual paralegals can effectively review and classify the documents, before the attorney’s perform due diligence. It saves both time and money. Document Management: The law firms and attorney offices are crowded with all kinds of documents, if not maintained accordingly any important document can be lost. In order to avoid such loss the virtual paralegals offer document management services. Under such management all the documents related to your case are properly indexed, classified and stored.

Document Conversion: Some documents might not be in the official format as required by the law, but then you cannot ask an attorney to perform such conversion services for you. It is in such circumstances that the service of virtual paralegals comes into play. The virtual paralegals are completely equipped to convert all your documents as per your specific requirements.

Document abstraction: Document abstraction is another service performed by virtual paralegals. Document abstract briefly describes the essential information of the document. The essential information is derived by the virtual paralegals. It eases the works of attorney’s as they don’t have to go through the complete documents and only need to read the abstract in order to understand what the document deals with.

Proof reading: All legal documents are important and it is for the same reason that before such documents are filed in the court or registered as agreements, the same must be proof read. It is so because the probability that the documents might have certain errors which can prove very costly later on is high. It is so because attorneys handle many cases each given day and due to this reason they might not draft with complete concentration and there might be certain errors (typo) in such drafts. In order to correct such errors it is important that after the documents are drafted the same are proof read. The virtual paralegals can proof read all such legal documents in order to eliminate the chances of any grave mistakes.

Transactional Assistance: The virtual paralegals can provide you all kinds of transactional assistance. Each transaction or work would consist of many related tasks; all the tasks are not legal tasks and can be done by these virtual paralegals. Such assistance can ease the burden of attorneys as well as the economical burden of the clients. The economical burden on the clients would be reduced as the charges of the virtual paralegals for transactional assistance is a small amount as that compared to the attorney’s fees.

Bankruptcy Support Services: The virtual paralegals can perform the bankruptcy support services. Such services include sending reminders related to bankruptcy hearings; proof read the bankruptcy petitions, calculations concerning debts and many other similar tasks related to bankruptcy.

General Correspondence Services: The correspondence between parties to any legal case is an important facet. But then the attorney’s do not have so much time that they help you in such correspondence. It is in such cases that you can seek the help of virtual paralegal services. They would help you in all such correspondence related issues.