Paralegals are the people who help out the lawyers and attorneys in their legal works. The legal works are usually mammoth tasks. There are different stages in all legal works and many a times in depth knowledge of law is not required in certain stages. Take for instance the case of a litigation, in a litigation there are many stages, initially all the documents related to the case are to be sorted out and grouped accordingly in the order of importance. This task is known as document review. This is not a task to be necessarily performed by an attorney; a person who is made aware of the facts of the case can also group the documents related to the case in the order of relevance and importance and to organize and index such documents related to the litigation. A paralegal is hired for such tasks.

Employing the services of a paralegal is also a wise decision and it reduces your cost by a considerable extent. If an attorney does such tasks then the attorney would charge you accordingly and the bill that you are going to get is going to be considerably high. But at the same time if the services of a Paralegal are sought for such tasks then you can save on the cost without any compromise on the quality.

It is thus wiser to hire paralegals for legal works wherein knowledge of law and application of law is not required. Paralegals help the attorney’s in all spheres of their work and help in saving a considerable amount of time, which in turn helps you as reduced time means reduced costs.

Virtual Paralegal is a new concept and a wise decision as far as the business scenario today is concerned. The advent and growth of internet is another reason for the growing popularity of virtual paralegals. A virtual paralegal offers you all the services of a paralegal at a much reduced price as that compared to a paralegal. The virtual paralegals are to be paid in accordance with the work done, and this saves a lot of money. The virtual paralegals utilize internet and other facilities offered over the internet and serve the clients as per their requirements, in a manner similar to that offered by a law firm but at much reduced cost as compared to that of a law firm. Well if you start counting the advantages of a virtual paralegal then the same are many. The virtual paralegals are completely equipped to deal with all the tasks which can be dealt by any paralegal.