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university patent

Biz and Legis joins with two major universities in the US for IP Asset management and IP Protection.

It is a breakthrough achievement for the IP practice group of Biz and Legis lead by its Principal Partner Jolly John. Biz and Legis signed 5 year contract with two major Universities in the US in IP asset management and protection. The primary objective of the joint Venture activities is for patent application and follow up in the reduced cost, however through latest IP management tools. It has become a costly event for the Universities for IP protection for the inventions during this economic slowdown. Biz and Legis tries to broaden its IP practice group with more sophisticated IP management tools and thus to provide such services to more universities.

Jolly John, Principal Partner of Biz and Legis, former IP-IT practice group member of Baker and McKenzie told media that, the in-house IT team shall be developing more enhanced IP management software for Industry. IP management outsourcing shall be another revolution of the coming days, which would decide the market strategies and more economic management of IP assets.

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