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Online Legal Solutions, & Litigation Support Services

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Biz and Legis always strive to provide the best legal assistance to different class of litigants and clients through its dedicated legal practice groups.

Legal advice in time, legal advice in affordable cost, legal advice from reachable center, these are the primary objectives of Biz and Legis online legal service team.

Biz and Legis online legal documents are constantly checked for its validity subject to any legal amendments of each jurisdiction.

Biz and Legis provides the legal documents drafted to each client after thorough check of latest legal and regulatory amendments and judicial precedents.

To provide latest law information the Resource center of Biz and Legis shall be at your service and visit our Legal Resource Center.

Biz and Legis has helped thousands of pro bono clients with its unique legal document service.

Biz and Legis has a dedicated legal research team of world class quality with access to all major databases like lexis nexis, west law and fast case.

Contact Biz and Legis blog for the latest legal information and legal developments around the globe.

Online Legal Services are gaining the momentum in many branches of law.

It makes clients and litigants to have more control over their legal issues. Online Legal Services helps clients and litigants to me more and more pro se.

The legal knowledge of the clients and ability to do legal research increases by availing online legal services.

By increased legal knowledge in a society the legal compliance by the citizen also would increase. This will lead to a better and welfare society which is the ultimate objective in any democracy.

The endeavor of Biz and Legis through its online Legal Services to overcome the barriers of legal cost, logistics and inconsistency in quality.

Online Legal Services redefined the way the Legal services can be entrusted by clients, executed by Law firms and delivered to clients.

In any economy, there is requirement for legal services. During economic growth, cost effective Legal Service boost economy.

During Economic slowdown, cost effective Legal Service maintains the budget of the corporate as well as pro se clients.

Legal Assistance from a right law firm in the right time in a right cost is a need and luck of any client.

Biz and Legis is committed to provide Legal Assistance to its clients around the world in the best and fast possible manner.

The way Legal Services are expected by the clients across the globe and that delivered by the Law Firms has been dramatically changed with advent of information Technology.

Legal Service is no more a costly event with rise of LPO activities. Biz and Legis never offer cheap Legal Services. Biz and Legis offer cost effective Legal Services.

Online Legal Services is cost effective, expeditious, and high quality.

Online Legal Service is the best legal strategy in the present economic scenario.

Legal forms of all types and all requirements are readily available with Biz and Legis document repository with all latest legal amendments to it. When you work with the Virtual Legal Assistants from Biz and Legis, you are taking the best strategy in your business.

Legal Representation through an attorney is a costly event in the present economy and thus Biz and Legis provide all kind of support to the Pro se clients.

Legal Online Services by Biz and Legis includes Legal Online Services, Legal Process outsourcing, Online Legal Seminars, Online Legal Internships, Online Legal Training, Online Legal Assistance, Online legal Drafting, Online Mediation, Online Arbitration, Online trademark Registration etc.

Biz and Legis Family Law service wing provides online legal services to the clients better, faster and cost effective services.

Biz and Legis Business Law service wing has redefined the online legal services and has reduced the annual legal budget of many businesses considerably.

Biz and Legis believes, Law online is nothing but better Justice and Faster Results.

Online Legal Support for Criminal Defense helps clients to formulate better legal strategy and hence better results.

When Biz and Legis grew beyond LPO it has formulated many proprietary Legal Solutions for high end clients and businesses.

Virtual Legal Practice is a better and easier method for today’s legal practices to give cost effective Legal advice to its clients.

Online Legal Services are the legal services offered by law firms with help of modern communication facilities.

The growth in technology has been one of the factors promoting the growth of online legal services.

Since the world is now more dependent on electronic mediums and internet the popularity and growth of online legal services is increasing day by day. Online legal services are gaining popularity day by day.

One of the main factors for this could be the fact that these services are performed at a faster rate than the traditional mode of providing the legal services. This has been made possible only due to the growth in technology.

Online legal services have grown in stature due to its increased demand. More and more law firms offer online legal services today.

Biz and Legis provide quality legal services and attorney services for both individuals and business organizations.

Individual legal services like Foreclosure defense, bankruptcy filing wills and codicil drafting, contract and agreement drafting etc.

We provide legal solutions and services for intellectual property services such as patent, trademark, copyright registration.

Online legal services consume less time and are as effective as the traditional services, as the ultimate principle of law remains the same but the mode of searching the applicable legislation and relevant authorities has undergone change.

This change has only resulted in finding effective solutions for complicated legal issues in half the time.

The advent in technology has shrunk the world and everything is just a click away, the same applies with regard to online legal services.

Due to the growth in online legal services, now the solutions for your grievances are just a click away.

Biz and Legis provides online legal services and legal support. We provide intellectual property legal services like Patent services, Trademark services, copyright, design registration, IP asset valuation, IP asset protection and management, Intellectual property legal services for Business model, legal protection of your trade secrets, bio technology law, IP enforcement etc.

Biz and Legis have exclusive wing for giving services related to Information technology law like E-commerce, domain name solutions, data protection, cyber crimes, privacy policies, and all other legal services related to Information technology law.

Biz and Legis has a dedicated team of attorneys for handily corporate and commercial law services like, International Trade, Anti trust, Mergers and Acquisitions, FDA, Contract Management and Review, Research services and Legal services for Joint ventures etc.

Apart from the above services, Biz and Legis provides financial and banking services, all bankruptcy legal service, foreclosure defense, service and supports related financial lending etc.

We have framed our work nature as Virtual Legal Practice firm with virtual services and legal supports like legal research services, document Review, legal drafting, litigation support services, paralegal services, corporate legal support, contract management services etc.

Biz and Legis Law firm gives legal support services related to Website Legal audit, Arbitration, patent services, Domain name services, us loan audit, corporate due Diligence support, and virtual attorney services.

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Biz and Legis News


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Patent for Life Saving Vaccine Granted by USPTO

e USPTO has granted patent to a new vaccine adjuvant extracted from Ashwagandha which is an Indian plant used as an immunity enhancer. The grant is a welcome move since it could lead to research and d...
Lawyer service
litigation support

Malala Yousafzai speaks at United Nations

lala Yousafzai speaks at United Nations for Human rights Malala Yousafzai an individual to be honored by every single sole on earth for her early activism and courage. Malala the young girl from Pakis...
Lawyer service
litigation support

Food bill 2013 to provide food security in India: a new phrase

dia being a country with second highest population and enumerable resource and technology making sate fall in the category of the developing nations, still has not able to provide the basic human faci...
Lawyer service
litigation support

Apple found to be guilty for eBook price fixing

ple the multinational corporation known for its emerging technology and having 82% of market share for tablet computer is found guilty of fixing prices on eBooks in its iTunes store. Denise cote the d...
Lawyer service
litigation support

Obama’s health care plan problems

Obama’s Health Care Plan accessible to Average American Citizen Obama’s Health Care made with a perspective to provide Medicaid to average American health care system i.e. for citizen who...
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