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Evolution is inevitable in businesses too..

With Constant Innovation and strive for Excellence; we graduated to the next level in Legal Support Services. From the low leg Legal Outsourcing services to Highly Skilled, Technology Enabled-VIRTUAL LEGAL PRACTICE,..We have transformed ourselves.LPO was yesterday's mantra and with our instinct for global perspective and deep market knowledge, we have evolved into a higher level of legal practice which we mark us as "GLOBAL VIRTUAL LEGAL PRACTICE".

We are always one step ahead

We have identified that the technology, client requirements, opportunities and deliverable scales have grown beyond which were conventionally being provided by the typical LPOs and those demanded by the Clients. The industries around the globe need more sophisticated services, from us, leveraging the technology edge.

We provide high end Legal Services, within the regulatory requirements of each jurisdiction. In addition we have evolved many Legal Solutions which are high end "Customized Legal Packages" which provides clients to meet the legal requirements of new generation commercial activities.In the process of this evolutions stage, we and our clients are proud to nomenclature the firm as GLOBAL VIRTUAL LEGAL PRACTICE.

Extend your law office Globally

Just as you would not carry coals to Newcastle, you would probably not want to use an overpaid associate to do something that could be done far more affordably, without sacrificing quality, by someone equally competent halfway across the world. Fortunately, modern communication technology has ensured that this is possible logistically. And a surplus of English-educated, legally-trained graduates in Asian jurisdictions (particularly India) have provided a commercial basis for legal outsourcing to be successful. Last but not the least, an appropriate time-zone difference with the West ensures that we work while you sleep (and round-the-clock, in any event), thereby guaranteeing that the sun never sets for your commercial legal practice.

Imagine having your own in-house counsel, totally dedicated to all your legal and paralegal matters, available 24/7 and at a fraction of the cost that you would pay a major law-firm or by hiring your own company lawyer. The economics of working 'Virtually' dictate that this is indeed possible for you to have your very own in-house counsel at a far more affordable rate, without sacrificing quality, and to have the kind of attention that you can only hope for from major law-firms.

Biz & Legis has pioneered the concept of the 'Virtual In-house Counsel' which aims to provide companies with their own support functions providing a range of appropriate legal and paralegal services for companies. Based on your specific requirements, we will depute a competent legally-trained professional, with the appropriate level of expertise to assist with your in-house legal and paralegal requirements. You may also choose from a range of 'Package Options', ranging from an 'Annual Retainer' (for 24/7 support for 365 days) to a 'Pay-As-You-Go' option (for specific hourly support, as and when you need it).

Our Mission

1. To bring in a positive change in the lives of our clients, our patrons and all our related parties; adding maximum value with our services unmatched in quality, reliability and uncompromising commitment to the values we hold.

2. To develop world class teams providing consistently excellent service; talented and diverse at the same time with a global perspective

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be known as a truly global firm providing unmatched service in quality and depth and above all commercially viable; with an exceptional team and to be rated "NUMBER ONE FIRM" as per our clients' rankings

Our Philosophy

Today's global law firm requires more than just great lawyers. A law firm or legal support services organization requires the RESOURCES to provide what we preach; the VALUES that permeate and transcend individual goals to guide us along; MISSION and VISION statements to act as long-term window to the future; and an excellent RECOGNITION PROGRAM to motivate and encourage our team.


Comprehensive Legal Services

Biz & Legis has grown beyond LPO and is now a one stop shop for all the legal requirements of our clients. International Clients need one point contact to cater to their entire legal needs. Over time B&L could develop within the firm all major Practice Groups by attracting best talents of the respective domain. In an international legal support services client segment varies from law firms to corporations, individuals, non profits, regulatory bodies, solo practitioners, and many more. The branches of law to be practiced varies from conventional branches like civil and criminal to complex branches like competition law to Information technology laws. Thus with constantly efforts we are confident and capable of providing services to all client segments, in all complex branches of law. Our services become comprehensive as it covers all client segments and most branches of law.

Confidentiality & Data Security

We understand the data security confidentiality requirements of today's legal practice. All of our legal services are competent to cover Information Security and Security Management Systems certification requirements. We have implemented rigorous physical and logical controls along with approved third party security management teams and information security procedures to ensure the availability, confidentiality and integrity of your data.


Legal services can neither be free nor cheap. But it can be cost effective. We just strive to provide you Legal services,.which would always be worth more than you pay.However, when you compare it with the cost of your jurisdiction, our cost structure would do miracles in your annual legal budget. The cost benefit with us energizes each client segment in different way. Ultimately, you can't just ignore this cost structure in the economy you are working with.

Specialized Practice Groups

The unique difference Biz & Legis has from a conventional LPO is that, B&L has specialized practice groups of most complicated branches of law, varying from corporate law and criminal law to competition law and Information technology laws. This makes B&L distinguished from low end LPO services to a "GLOBAL VIRTUAL LEGAL PRACTICE"

Innovative Legal Solutions

Biz & Legis differentiates Legal Solutions from Legal Services. In the simplest sense, "Legal Services" are those services clients require and need us to perform for them to satisfy their requirements. "Legal Solutions" are the proprietary, highly customized legal work, that we would perform for you to achieve higher results. Many of our "Legal Solutions" are unique and our proprietary high value intellectual property.

Partner Involvement

During our process of transition from LPO to "Global Virtual Legal Practice" we learned that the essential and inevitable client expectation shall be the Partner Involvement in each assignment irrespective of its complexity. B&L always ensure Partner Involvement in each assignment to ensure B&L's touch and signature on each assignment.

Project Management

As we grew, we have developed customized project management software to ensure the task management, goal setting, milestone reach, document management, performance appraisal, quality assurance and many more. We give our dedicated regular clients free access to our proprietary project management programs. This enables us to manage multiple legal projects of our clients most efficiently.

Quality Assurance

B&L designate its quality assurance program as "TQA" (Total Quality Assurance) which include a '24 step' quality parameters check, at three different levels. "TQA" has been formulated to provide the defect/error free deliverable to the clients not only to satisfy them, but also to ensure the result when the deliverable is actually applied or submitted.


Biz&Legis finds communication as an essential tool to provide better service to clients right from the client intake interview till receiving feedback on the service provided. B&L identifies that time and communication are costly for our clients and we have devised "Call Back" protocol to communicate with clients, being open to receive multiple modes of communication with and from our clients. To provide more cost effective services we never invoice our clients for time or cost of communication.

About Biz & Legis

The New Generation Legal Practice Firm For Tomorrow's Globalized Economy and Legal Market.Tomorrows' global economy needs something more than just great physical presence; a seamless integrated world where information, technology intersects and 'reach' becomes insignificant; Where intellect, integrity and extraordinary service becomes the cornerstones of any law firm transcending geographical boundaries.

Biz and Legis is a leading law firm serving both national and international clients. Build to serve the ever changing global community, we offer high quality products and services while using technology to our advantage. With a broad scope of legal practice, we have developed qualified and professional teams from diverse backgrounds to advice clients from both Common law and Civil Law Systems ranging from local and cross-border transactions covering day -to -day operations as well as complex challenging deals.

We are into the business of our clients. We aim to be a one stop shop for all our clients' legal needs. Our inspiration and challenge lie in the strategic fulfillment of our clients requirements. With an in-depth understanding of their business and objectives, we strive to make a significant difference on matters where our clients have a lot of stake. Delivering excellent service consistently at the highest levels of quality and reliability, a personal level client interaction with an unqualified dedication to their interests and a genuine respect and regard for their individuality is our service mantra.