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Corporate Property Legal Services

We partner with you to make strategic decisions safe and enhance productivity. To develop a portfolio and facility specific solutions in your business, we apply real estate expertise and tools to your business environment, often acting as a natural extension of your Corporate Real Estate Department.

Biz & Legis Corporate Property Solutions provides services that are targeted to the specific needs of corporate clients. Our corporate advisory products are strategic in nature and consist of site search and selection market forecasts, strategic occupancy planning, benchmarking, mergers & acquisition during the project process, joint ventures, and private equity placements and cover all aspects involving the sale, acquisition, marketing and development.

Biz & Legis offer solutions in comprehensive turnkey projects for clients from conception, feasibility studies and project definition through budgeting, planning and procurement and tendering to implementation, relocation and occupier research leading to apt occupation. We understand that the entire project should comply with the legal requirements stipulated and required by the central, state and local self governments. We provide you Corporate Property Solutions which strictly comply with such requirements.

Biz & Legis Corporate Property Solutions division also helps you maximize your returns and minimize your liabilities in the areas of portfolio management and property investment. Our corporate finance support services includes legal advice on finance raising and refinancing services and independent valuations and due diligence.