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Property Management Legal Services

We specialize in Property and Asset Management Services for the State of Kerala popularly known as God's Own Country.

Our client base is very broad; it can be anybody who own a property ranging from individuals, NRI's, Hotel Operators, Mall Owners, Property Investors.

Owning a property in Kerala and being away after investment shall be risky for you. It is equally risky to entrust someone your valuable properties. There had been frequent occasions in which the "care takers" (it may be your friends or close relatives) become the owners of your property !! It is equally important that no one encroaches into your property and appropriate it.

Thus we have designed specialized legal package for NRIs given the socio equation of Kerala. Under the Property Management Legal Service Package we take care of the legal compliance issues of the properties. After Due Diligence and regulatory compliance we make periodical visits to the properties, pays all taxes and other cess, manage documents online, and make sure officially and periodically that the property is always encumbrance free.

At Biz & Legis, we provide services to Property Owners and Investors. Our clients usually can be NRI's living in different parts of the world, having an interest-ownership or just possessory- in a property in Kerala. At Biz & Legis we call it as Absentee Ownership Management Services. It can be anything - including but not limited to an ancestral home, a flat/villa/other type of residential space locked up or rented out, a commercial space rented out to tenants, an investment in a property or building space or shopping mall leased out or remaining idle, we assist you in keeping your property legally safe and protected.