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NRI Real Estate Legal Services

Non-Resident Indians are the back born of Kerala economy. Respected NRI, we honour you for the contributions you continue to be providing for this great state and we are much concerned about your rights and interests within this state.

NRIs encompasses larges group those who invest into the real estate opportunities in Kerala. Their ancestral assets also expects a larger supervision and security given the fact that they are miles and miles away physically from the premises.

We provide comprehensive and highly professional legal services for the NRIs in their all type of real estate activities in the state of Kerala.

Let it be any investment proposal, disposal of any assets, or any complicated issue related to the acquisition or maintenance of real estate assets, our highly professional and trust worthy team does it for you in the best interest of you.

We shall do all kind of credential and legal verification of the intended real estate deal, shall do thorough legal due diligence, prepare all the necessary legal agreements, deeds and documents for you, shall do the registration of the property and FINALLY shall be with you to ensure the property is secured in the post registration period when you are physically away from Kerala.

Please feel to contact us with your specific real estate related legal questions, our attorney shall contact you as soon as possible with right and best answers.