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Property Document Verification & Legal Opinion

There are different types of Titles Deeds in Kerala. Sale Deed, Partition Deed, Settlement Deed, "Pattayam", Gift Deed, Different Types of Ancient Mortgage Deeds, etc. are some of them. It may be written in either English or Malayalam. The prior documents may be more complicated as most of them may relate back to pre-independent era. Kerala was formed only in 1957. Prior to that; it was Travancore and Kochi. Thorough knowledge of the documentation systems of pre-independent period is highly necessary to conduct a proper property Document Verification.

Because of the strong agrarian reforms in the state of Kerala, the compatibility of the documents with respect to various land laws, ceilings, land utilization, etc are very important. Our Document Verification process is thorough and comprehensive so as to ensure that your property title is 100% enforceable.

Investors are not aware how to co-relate the

  • Title Deeds
  • Prior Deeds
  • Basic Tax Receipts
  • Non Encumbrance Certificates
  • Basic Tax Register Extracts
  • Possession Certificates
  • Location Sketches
  • Land Survey Records
  • Old Survey Sketches
  • Resurvey Sketches

in a real estate transaction. All of the above are highly inter related and concurrence of the data and details in each document is highly necessary to make the title of a property defect free and thus marketable. Even if you are availing legal services from another provider than us, please be assured that all the above documents will be thoroughly checked and verified by us in the Document Verification Process.

In a Real Estate Transaction it is highly necessary to verify the admissibility, validity and legal implication of the property documents. It is one of our specialized services that we investigate and verify all the documents related to any real estate transaction. With due respect to the existing real estate practices and the business counterparts of our clients, we take an advanced caution on your behalf, to have a thorough verification of all the documents through our strict document verification methodology.