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Document Drafting & Vetting Services

Drafting the Real estate documents is much different from the other tasks and the multi disciplinary experience and thorough understanding of the local laws and procedures are essential for a full proof reading of the real estate documents. Our services vary from Acquisition, Merger, Joint Ventures, MoU, development Contracts, Sale Agreements, Sale Deeds, Tenancy Agreements, Leases and Power of Attorney to all kind of legal instruments. Our team has international experience so as to cater to the needs and expectations of the international clients (clientele).

Biz & Legis Conveyancing team has both international and domestic experience in high level, legally proof documents and even to vet them if supplied by the commercial counterparts.

For a commercial entity, it is the question of its existence to do proper conveyancing while entering into a real estate transaction. It is a highly skilled process for a conveyancing lawyer to protect the interest of his client without being one sided in the covenants.

The purchase or sale of property may not be a day today affair for you. And it can often be unnecessarily stressful for your emotional or commercial reasons. Trustworthy and highly skilled conveyancing lawyer can walk you through the entire process, and ensure that your rights are protected.