Trademark Convention Applications

What is Trademark Convention Applications in India ?

India has ascertained certain countries as Convention Countries which gives certain privileges for the citizens as the citizens of India in Trademark filing. Convention Application is a method by which a person from the Convention countries can file an application in India with the Prior user date filed in the Convention country.

Importance of Trademark Convention Applications

Convention Applications allows you to take the advantage of filing Trademark Application in a foreign country. The prior user date can be claimed by filing a Convention Application within six months of filing of application in a foreign country.

How Trademark Convention is made in India?

A Trademark Convention Application will be made by taking the evidence of Trademark application filed in the foreign country. The benefit of the convention application is that you can claim prior user claim.

Biz & Legis expertise for Trademark Convention Applications.

Our international expertise makes us more competent to give protection to the rights of our international clients. We at Biz and Legis do all the documentation required for registration of convention application. All care is taken so that the client enjoys the conventional benefit.

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