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Congratulations on your decision to register your Trademark in India.

If you have not yet taken such a decision, feel free to contact us to appreciate you why you have to go ahead with registering your trademark.

Why it is important?

Registering a trademark in India, is an important strategic step and that has to be done carefully by entrusting the entire task with a competent legal team.

Trademark being a very valuable Intellectual Property, make sure that you select a competent, qualified, experienced Law Firm to get your trademark registered and be careful not to entrust your valuable Intellectual Property in inexperienced hands.

Trademark Registration in India

A trademark application should be filed with the trademark registry of India, for the registration of the mark. Trademark registration can be done only after the portal search. A trademark can be a name mark or word mark, logo or monograms, Slogan.

Please avail our free E-Book on Trademark Registration in India to know more about the procedural formalities of Trademark Registration in India.

Trademark Registration Services by Biz & Legis

We at Biz & Legis give an automated proceeding for filing of Trademark Application. The application will be filed within 24 hrs of a business day. The online trademark application will be sent to you through email and a hard copy through post. Immediately after the application is filed you can start using "TM" or "SM" near to the mark.

For us the Trademark Registration is not a paralegal service; But a high level attorney service.


Most Wanted Trademark Services


Biz & Legis offers the state of the art Trademark Search Legal Services in India. We understand the importance of the legal report on the possible and registered trademarks similar to the one you intend to register....


Get your valuable IP asset get registered through a competent team of trademark attorney. It is not cost but it is the expertise that matters. Biz & Legis trademark registration team is led by highly experienced attorneys and NOT paralegals !!

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