Trademark Oppositions in India

What is Trademark Opposition in India ? / Why Trademark Opposition in India?

During the Process of Trademark registration your attempt to register a mark in your name may be opposed by many third parties for various reasons. If you have registered trademark you may need to oppose the attempt by a third party to register a trademark deceptively similar to your registered trademark. The timely watch and opposition against your opponents OR timely defense to the oppositions raised by third parties against your intended registration are highly complex legal proceedings which a competent attorney is required to support you.

How to do Trademark Opposition?

A Trademark Opposition can be filed if the mark is identical or similar to a registered Trademark. Aggrieved party can file for an opposition with the Trademark Registry of India, if he feels his mark is been infringed with a malafide intention. Trademark Opposition is a chance given to oppose an application which otherwise will be registered by the Trademark of India. A counter statement must be filed for every opposition with evidence to support the matter.

Biz & Legis Expertise in Trademark Opposition / Opposition Defense

For filing Opposition against the third parties constant watch of you Trademark in the Trademark Journal is necessary. Biz & Legis has access to the Trademark Journal and has competent paralegal staff to check any offending applications being published.

It is equally important if your Trademark Application is opposed by a third party alleging it The team at Biz & Legis is expertise in dealing with any opposition or to file a counter with the Trademark Department. It initiates with the collection of evidence for the matter and do its best to win the matter in favor of our clients.

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Biz & Legis offers the state of the art Trademark Search Legal Services in India. We understand the importance of the legal report on the possible and registered trademarks similar to the one you intend to register....

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Get your valuable IP asset get registered through a competent team of trademark attorney. It is not cost but it is the expertise that matters. Biz & Legis trademark registration team is led by highly experienced attorneys and NOT paralegals !!

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