Trademark Licensing Legal Services in India

We recognize that the Trademark is valuable IP Asset your business possess. It should be a diligent commercial decision to license your trademark to a third party.

What is Trademark Licensing ?

Trademark Licensing is transferring certain rights of the owner to a third party. A trademark License is given for a specific duration of time for which the owner gets a fixed remuneration. Once, the term of license is over, the Trademark reverts back to the owner.

Why it is important?

Trademark Licensing is a very important commercial decision which you have to get done with the assistance of a competent IP (Trademark ) attorney.

Though recording of the Trademark Licensing (Agreement) is not mandatory in India, it is strongly advisable to get it recorded with the Registrar of Trademarks. The need for competent legal assistance in the case of Trademark Licensing start from the initial stage of negotiation, preparation of the Trademark Licensing Agreement and ends at Recording of Trademark Licensing Agreement.

This is a very complex at each stage given its legal and commercial implications. Be assured with the competency of your attorney to provide you the best and proper legal services in this regard

Biz & Legis Expertise

Biz & Legis Trademark Attorneys have international qualifications and experience in IP law. Most of them have closely worked with MNCs so as to have very close knowledge upon the commercial and legal implications of Trademark Licensing in India.

Most Wanted Trademark Services

Trademark Search

Biz & Legis offers the state of the art Trademark Search Legal Services in India. We understand the importance of the legal report on the possible and registered trademarks similar to the one you intend to register....

Trademark registration

Get your valuable IP asset get registered through a competent team of trademark attorney. It is not cost but it is the expertise that matters. Biz & Legis trademark registration team is led by highly experienced attorneys and NOT paralegals !!

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