Trademark Rectification Or Removal

What is “Trademark Rectification or Removal” in India?

If a mark is been wrongly registered or is wrongly remaining in the Indian Trademark Registry, then the Indian Trademark Act provides the aggrieved party to file a petition for the rectification or removal of the mark. For rectification of a register an application should be filed before the Trademark registry, where the application for the registration have to be filed or at the appellate board.

Why “Trademark Rectification or Removal” in an important IP Strategy?

Trademark Rectification or Removal is important as a Trademark which is obtained through fraud can be expunged, this will give fair rights to the bonafide Trademark owner like you.

What is Biz & Legis Expertise for “Trademark Rectification or Removal” in India?

Biz and Legis takes care of all the actions which have to be initiated for rectification or removal of the mark. The very litigation experience and skills of Biz & Legis team give a better edge to the “Trademark Rectification or Removal” process more effectively and expeditiously.

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