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What is 'Trademark Expedite Application India'?

Pursuant to the economic and commercial growth in India, the trademark registration applications are getting mounted up each year. Examination and objection by the registry is the next process after filing of Application. Generally, it takes months or years to get the Application examined. In the fast moving and growing commercial world it is highly essential to get the trademark registered as soon as it is used and applied for registration. Indian trademark legal system is now equipped with new rule to provide accelerated/expedited Trademark Application Examination.

How 'Trademark Expedite Application India' is possible? What is the procedure?

Under Rule 38 of Indian Trademark Rules 2002, an applicant can file application/request for "accelerated examination" along with prescribed fee and declaration. The reason for such request also to be substantiated along with such request.

"Expedite" or "Accelerated" Application in other words means "Express Application". It is method of fastening the Trademark registration process. Normal Trademark Application more than 24 months for the Registration in the Trademark Registry, expedites application only takes 6 months after the examination date.

Biz & Legis Expertise for "Trademark Expedite Application India"

Biz & Legis always understands the needs of the clients and the commercial importance of the timely completion of the Trademark Registration Procedure. Our dedicated team makes special follow up make sure that the needy clients are getting the result in time through the Trademark Expedite Application..

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