Trademark Search in India

Why Trademark Search is important?

Protecting your brand name adopted for your business identity is one of the most important responsibility in your business branding. Trademark search is a serious process and it should be delivered by an experienced trademark attorney, which can confirm the authorized usage of your trademark. Once your trade sign is confirmed as an unique property of your business by conducting a trademark search, other formalities for its registration can be processed. Don't forget that your trademark is your unique business identity which distinguish other same service providers and merchants from and represent the quality and reputation of of your service. It is important to have a detailed search regarding possibility to get the selected trademark registered in your name. If you commence your business activities with a given name before checking the chance of successful Trademark registration of the selected name, it would cause heavy cost upon you later if it is found that the trademark that you have selected for your new venture has already been selected by another business.

How a Comprehensive Trademark Search is Conducted?

An online portal trademark search is done to ensure that there is no similar existing Trademark. Trademark search is conducted by identifying the activity of the mark and then identifying the class which it falls.

Biz & Legis Expertise for Trademark Search in India

Biz and Legis will provide an immediate portal search with the Trademark Registry of India within an hour with reports from the Trademark Registry. The expert team will give detailed advice regarding the trademark, once the trade mark search is done.

Our trademark search service is different from other service providers, with the unique legal advice memo that we deliver along with the search report. This gives you a better edge to formulate a better IP strategy for your venture.

Most Wanted Trademark Services

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*Biz & Legis offers the state of the art Trademark Search Legal Services in India. We understand the importance of the legal report on the possible and registered trademarks similar to the one you intend to register.


*Get your valuable IP asset get registered through a competent team of trademark attorney. It is not cost but it is the expertise that matters. Biz & Legis trademark registration team is led by highly experienced attorneys and NOT paralegals.

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