Trademark Litigation

Trademark Litigation in India

Trademark Litigation arises in various occasions such as Infringement, Passing off, Assigning issues, Licensing Issues, Registration and Non-Registration issues, other Commercial Issues related to Trademark. There are instances of dispute related to cross border reputation of foreign trade marks. In the case of Trademark Infringement, the litigation commences at the District Court, where the cause of action arises or the defendant resides /does business. This is the general Original Jurisdiction. Corresponding High Court shall have the first Appellate Jurisdiction and further appeal to Supreme Court of India.

Importance of Trademark Litigation

The trademark litigation is a very important matter for each business. Thoughtful decision and implementation at each stage including strategy preparation prosecution/defense, proper selection of forum, selection of proper litigation attorney and team are very relevant factors in the success rate. The commercial and economic impact on the litigation shall decide teh future of the business itself.

Biz & Legis Trademark Litigation expertise.

Biz & Legis has a very experienced and skilled team of Trademark Litigation attorneys with wide network all over India.

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trademark search

Biz & Legis offers the state of the art Trademark Search Legal Services in India. We understand the importance of the legal report on the possible and registered trademarks similar to the one you intend to register....

Trademark registration

Get your valuable IP asset get registered through a competent team of trademark attorney. It is not cost but it is the expertise that matters. Biz & Legis trademark registration team is led by highly experienced attorneys and NOT paralegals !!

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