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Intellectual Property Law

Business Model

Business model is the manner in which a business entity operates or does business. The business entities today are adopting different methods in order to stay ahead of competition and many a times these different methods constitute their business model respectively. These business models would be unique to each business entity and it is this model which would help you to stay ahead of competition.

There is no specific law as such which specifically governs the aspect of business model but then there are several legal mechanisms by way of which the business model which is unique to your business entity can be protected.

Design rights protect the way a product or a machine looks it does not protect the utility aspect of the same. Countries all over the world have legislation to protect the design aspect. In US, to protect the designs one can file for design patent, in European Union there are registered and unregistered designs and protection is granted to both and in India protection is granted to industrial designs after registration, in Canada protection is granted to only to designs which are registered and unregistered designs are not granted any protection. Different countries have different laws which govern designs, some grant protection to registered designs and some grant protection to unregistered designs.

Our practice group in IP is well versed with the Design laws applicable in different countries and it is for the same reason we can provide you more effective services with regard to designs.

Such mechanisms being:

  • Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure agreements - These agreements would ensure that your unique business model is not disclosed to your competitors and to others in the industry.
  • Employee agreements - These agreements with your employees would further ensure that the particular business model on the basis of which your business entity works is not leaked out.
  • Trade Secret - The business model can be also protected by way of trade secrets.
  • Patenting the business method - With the change in times business methods and models can now also be protected by way of patenting. USPTO grants patents with regard to business models provided they meet with certain specific conditions.

Our practice group in Intellectual Property has the experience of handling many issues related to business model and it is for the same reason it makes us the apt law firm to provide you services in this field. We would provide you the following services:

  • Provide advisory opinion with regard to protection of your business model,
  • Draft Confidentiality and Non- Disclosure agreements as per your requirements,
  • Draft Employment agreements with specific clauses on protecting your business model.
With Biz & Legis you can be rest assured that your unique business model is well protected and you don't lose out to your competition in any way.