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Corporate Law

Corporate law is the law of corporation or companies. It regulates all matters, from the birth of companies to their dissolution. It is the law that regulates the working of incorporated corporate entities. Corporate law does not restrict itself to the Companies Act only but applies to allied legislation as well. The law controls functioning of incorporated bodies or legal entities. Nevertheless, it is not limited to Companies Act alone, but it also involves related legislation like Depositories Act, Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act etc. Likewise, corporate law provides in part to include contract and property law to corporate structure and, significantly handles the organizational issues that are related to it.

Corporate law deals with issues like Initial Public Offer, Further Public Offer, Rights Issue, Indian Depository Receipts, Qualified Institutions Placement, Public Issue of Debt Securities, Commercial Paper, External Commercial Borrowings, Trade Credits, Foreign Currency, Exchangeable Bond, Corporate Restructure - Reduction of share capital, Buy back of shares, Reorganization through arrangement , De-merger, Foreign investment law and many other related aspects which are related to the functioning and management of a corporate.

Once a company is incorporated, it has a separate legal standing from its owners and the owners shall not be personally liable even after the corporation is being sued. Therefore, the main purpose of corporate law is to safeguard the interests of the persons affected by the entity's activities as well as the society as a whole. Corporate law structures corporate affairs in order to achieve these goals. Our Corporate Law practice group has the experience and the knowledge to deal with all matters related to corporate law.