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Real Estate Legal Services

Real Estate Legal Services

Real estate law is that branch of law which deals with all the transactions governing a property. The real estate transactions might seem to be simple and straightforward but then that is not the case. These legal documents with regard to all the real estate transactions have to be verified in detail. Prior to finalizing any sale it is important to verify all the previous documents of the property so that the manner in which the property has devolved upon the current seller can be identified. The tax receipts and other related documents have to be checked and analyzed properly. It must also be verified if there are any dues on the land. Thus at the outset it might look like real estate transactions only involves simple transactions and that it is a simple sale and purchase, but that is not the case.

Many legal aspects are involved in the real estate transaction. From verifying the land documents and determining the manner of evolution of property, to verifying the kind of alienation rights which the seller has with regard to the property, to drafting the purchase deed and all the other legal transactions involved in registration of the property can be effectively done with the knowledge of real estate law.

We at Biz & Legis are well versed in the real estate law. We have the knack of finding the defects in any land titles and land related documents. We would be with you from the very beginning which is verifying the land documents till the very end which is land registration.