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Shipping Law

Shipping Law

Sea is a mode or transport which is preferred by many since time immemorial. Large goods are transferred by way of ships and there are many laws in this regard which lay down the ground rules governing the whole scenario. These laws specify the rules which ships must follow while in international waters and the rights and liabilities of parties involved in shipping in case of any breach of the same principles. It might sound as fairly simple but then it is not as there are many legislation in this regard and these legislation are applicable to the ship, to the crew members, to the owner of the consignment which is being shipped etc. Thus it is a vast branch of law.

International waters are becoming more and more challenging and the countries all over the world have their respective laws in this regard. They would certainly not welcome a ship which arrives unannounced at its shore. Many rules are to be complied with and many procedural formalities are to be completed to ensure that your ship is not in any kind of legal trouble.

Our Shipping law practice group has the knowledge and the experience in handling all issues in the field of shipping law. With our services you can be assured that your ship would sail smoothly in all waters.