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Information Technology Law


The revolution in internet and technology has given rise to new dimensions in the sphere of business. E-commerce is one such new dimension. In e- commerce business is done by using internet and other web enabled technology. It has gained popularity in recent times as it is quick, simple and one can avoid all the hassles which are there in traditional shopping techniques. By virtue of e-commerce the whole marketplace is just a click away. It has been successful business model as it suits the needs and requirements of the busy consumers today, its cost advantage; it is time saving and customized products being a few such advantages offered by e-commerce.

In e-commerce products and services are offered for sale at the respective e-commerce websites and the consumers can choose the products and services of their liking. But then it is not as simple as it sounds. There are many laws and rules governing the e-commerce transactions and many things are to be kept in mind by such entities. The entities involved in e-commerce business activities have to keep in mind many rules and regulations and have to be in compliance with many laws so as to avoid legal implications of any kind in the future.

At Biz and Legis we have a clear understanding of the regulations which are to be followed, the compliance which are to be met with. Our team has the knowledge and is well experienced in handling any kind of e- commerce related issues.

At Biz and Legis we offer the following services to meet the needs and demands of an entity carrying on e- commerce transactions:

  • Regulatory Compliance Audit Services
  • Draft Contracts for E-Commerce activities
  • Website Legal Compliance Audit
  • Advisory Opinion
  • Litigation Strategy & Support