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Attorney Services

Attorney Services Online for Immigration, Divorce, Advice

Attorney is a person learned in law and is well equipped to address your legal concerns. But the service so offered by an attorney varies on the basis of the client for whom the services are being performed. There may be a variation in the ultimate service being provided by the attorney but all the legal tasks ultimately involve the application of the legal principles. It is the task of the attorney to apply the legal principles and find solutions for the different legal problems being faced by their clients respectively. The services so offered are:

Attorney Services for Individuals

Individuals have different legal needs and the attorney services so offered vary according to the needs. The services so provided for an individual are:

  • Litigation Support Services - An attorney is learned and well equipped to draft the documents related to any litigation. An attorney knows the law and knows the loopholes and the same helps him in litigation. An attorney is qualified to draft the documents related to any litigation.
  • Contract Drafting - An agreement or a contract governs the rights and obligations of the parties to the agreement. If such an agreement is not drafted adequately then the same might have many loopholes and these loopholes might turn out to be very costly in the future. In order to avoid all this it is better to employ the services of an attorney for the purposes of drafting agreements. An attorney has learned the art of drafting agreements and is well equipped to draft full proof agreements in compliance with the applicable law.
  • Legal Advice - Problems are never planned they just crop up and the same applies to legal problems. When one faces legal problems it is better to employ the services of an attorney. An attorney has the knowledge of law and is also aware of the applicability aspect and is for the same reason capable of giving effective legal advice in your troubled times.
  • Litigation Strategy - An attorney is learned in law and also has the experience of practicing law. The same makes an attorney completely equipped to chart out an appropriate litigation strategy for you in times of need.

Attorney services for business entities are as follows:

  • Registration or Creation of a business entity: A business entity to have legal existence must be created legally. The rules and law governing the process of such creation of a business entity varies from country to country. An attorney is the person who would help you out in this regard. An attorney has the knowledge of applicable corporate laws and rules which would be applicable in your case and the same would ultimately result in the creation of the business entity without any hassle.
  • Corporate legal compliance: Creation is first step and the next step is to be in compliance. An attorney is completely equipped to handle the issues related to such compliance. An attorney would check the compliance, renew the licenses and keep in order the other related documents which are necessary for the smooth existence of the business entity.
  • Due Diligence: Business entities are always involved in sale or purchase of one thing or the other and these are usually big transactions. These transactions involve lot of paperwork and if the paperwork is not in order then you would be at the losing end. To avoid this, it is better to employ the services of an attorney for the purpose of due diligence so that all your transactions are valid and do not have any surprises which might turn against you.
  • Contract drafting: All or most of the transactions by business entities are always governed by contracts. It is thus always better to have such important contracts drafted by an attorney or else you might lose all your rights courtesy a badly drafted agreement. An attorney would make sure that the contracts protect your rights adequately.
  • Legal Advice: Every transaction made by a business entity there are a lot of things at stake. It is better to seek the advice of an attorney prior to entering into any transaction or contract of any kind. An attorney is learned in law and for the same reason can provide you effective legal advice.
  • Litigation support services: Attorney is adequately equipped with knowledge and experience to support the business entities during any litigation.
  • Law firms

The service offered by an attorney to a law firm includes:

  • Contract drafting: An attorney is skilled in the art of contract drafting and the same skills can be used to draft agreements and contract for the law firms.
  • Legal Research: Legal research forms the basic foundation of any legal matter, be it litigation, be it legal compliance, be it contract drafting, none of it can be performed without a basic legal research. An attorney is well equipped to perform legal research for law firms.
  • Litigation support services: An attorney can perform any litigation support services for a law firm. Our attorneys are well equipped to solve your legal troubles effectively.