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Design Registration and it's protection

Designs created for your business and product promotion are your own intellectual property. Get a Legal protection for your unique designs created for your products. Biz and Legis Intellectual property attorneys can help you in registering your design and can be legally protected. Once your designs created for your business or product promotions are registered through our design registering IP attorneys, you will never lost the visual appeal achieved for your brand.

What is a Design

Designs are intellectual property created by an artist or a talented person for the purpose of business promotion or for a product promotion. Designs so created may visually represent a company or a business product. Though the designs are created for getting a good visual appeal about the business or product among the public, can be illegally misused by others or may use the designs for their business promotion purposes.

How we protect your Designs

We offer legal protection of your designs. For example if your official logo design is registered through our IP attorneys, you can get a legal protection on your logo design and simply avoid others using it for their personal purposes.

Design Registration Program

The regime of registration of Designs is aimed at protecting the 'appearance' of an article. It is governed by the Designs Act of 2000. There is a formal registration process to get the monopoly rights bestowed by the Designs Act. That process is similar to that set out in the Trade Marks Act. It entails an application, examination of the application, an opposition period, and payment of fees and issuing of a certificate of registration. In a fast growing commercial market like India the importance of Design protection is much realized by us and we can advise and act for you in all of your Design registration/protection related requirements/issues.

We advise our clients on:

  • Advice on protection of Designs
  • Preparing, filing and prosecuting design applications
  • Design Infringement litigation
  • Licensing and Assigning of Designs