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Information Technology Law

Cyber Crime Law


Any information is valuable only when it is extracted, processed and then utilized effectively. Information technology is the mode by which such information is gathered, processed and stored and ultimately disseminated. Information technology is growing at a very fast rate and this growth has affected the individual and the society. This growing dependence on Information technology has further raised many problems one of them being the emergence of cyber crimes. Earlier technology was used but nowadays it is being misused and this misuse has created only problems. Cyber Crime is growing day by day and is assuming new dimensions. This has further created the need for cyber laws to control such activities. Cyber defamation, Cyber fraud, spam, hacking, posting and dissemination of obscene material including pornography etc are a few examples of cyber crimes. Privacy violations are not a new scenario now and data theft is now a more usual occurrence. It is better to be aware of your rights and obligations under the respective cyber laws so that while conducting any commercial transactions you are well aware of your obligations and your rights. A business entity is prone and equally vulnerable in the same manner an individual is with regard these cyber crimes.

  • Individual
  • Business entity


We provide the following services in this regard:
Research and determination:
We would analyze each case separately and look into the applicable information technology law. This research is done in order to determine specifically the wrong that has been committed against you and whether it amounts to a wrong under the applicable cyber law or not.


On the basis of the report we would design a strategy for you. This strategy would specifically outline the legal course which you can take in order to remedy your grievances

Litigation support

If litigation is the remedy available to you then we would provide you with all such necessary legal documents for you to present your case before the court of law.


Our team has the expertise, skills and legal understanding required to deal with complex issues of cyber crimes.