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Global Client Testimonials

"I approached Biz & Legis in August of 2008 to do a simple non compete agreement for my company and two years later I am happy to say that I have used Biz & Legis for every legal matter I have had from intellectual property to real estate and dozens of other commercial and legal research matters. My expectations are constantly surpassed in terms of quality, timeliness and value and not surprisingly, I have referred dozens of colleagues to Biz & Legis."

Shawn Partain
708 3rd Avenue Floor 6
New York, NY 10017-4119

Richard Palmer

I just wanted you to know that I have been using the "legal admissibility of electronic documents", that you drafted, with our potential customers and it has really set us apart from the other competitors. Our ability to forward such an extensive and professionally prepared document has been meet with great appreciation and I am sure won us a major contract with the DC pubic charter school board. I want to thank you for doing such a great job on that document.
This type of collaboration is exactly what outsourcing should be about. You provided us a needed tool that we would not have been able to afford using a local law firm. My mind is working on what else I can grant you to do that will make another impact for us just like the "legal admissibility of electronic documents" task. I will be in touch as to how we can have you help and support us in the future.
As far as cost are concerned, in my 36 year of business I cannot think of another more cost effective project that has earned so much for the company in such a short time.

Richard S Palmer
ImageWorld LLC
Herndon, Virginia
Cell 703-475-3328


First I want to say from my heart Thank you so much to the entire Biz & Legis team for everything.
I was referred to Biz and Legis as a last resort to losing my home. When I contacted them I had lost a foreclosure lawsuit (the bank won a judgment against me) and was preparing to sell my home. I was devastated and did not know what to do, further more I did not think that anyone could help me.
I contacted Biz and Legis and the team went to work for me immediately, they knew what I needed and drafted me a strategic plan in a few days that was so amazing. They appealed the judgment and prepared all new documents for me to re-file against the predatory lending banks. They provided me with all the legal services an individual would need and also gave me the moral support that I needed most and they did not give up on me and my case. Biz & Legis provided a no stress process; because not knowing the correct legal procedures can weary you at times if you are not an attorney and you can lose the case as I did, they handled everything for me, now I have confidence.
The services this team will provide you with by far will exceed anyone's expectations. Biz & Legis you are the greatest.
Thank you for helping me for I am one of many that had no hope, until you showed up on the scene, I'm spreading the word, if you need legal help Biz & Legis has exactly what you need.

Michelle Blackwell
2336 Pasadena Avenue,
Long Beach, California 90806


The services of Biz Legal are value for our company and clients beyond compare. They are very thorough in there research and approach to writing and drafting, and work with you in your overall legal strategy for New York City's civil courts. I recommend their services to anyone needing quality writing in research involving litigation matters in these trying economic times."

Mr.James Hunter
Managing Member,
Smartenup Consulting
123 Town Square Place Suite 630 Jersey City,
New Jersey 07310,


At this time I would like to take a few moments to thank you for the services you have provided for us. I have talked to many law offices across the country and I must say.."Biz & Legis" is the one I like the most because you appeared to really wanted to help. Your services has been a blessing to our company with your expert and professional assistance. In the current state of our economy and the amount foreclosures we're seeing, the motions you've prepared has saved the clients from foreclosure by using the courts. "Thanks" I would, and have recommend your law offices to everyone I know facing Foreclosure and Unlawful Detainer Actions."

Andre V. Robinson
My Vantage Point,
LLC 3350 Shelby St, Ste 200 Ontario,
CA 91764


Alan Kliff

The law firm of Biz and Legis has performed Contract Work for me. From the get go, it was clear that the attorney had a deep understanding of business matters, pitfalls, potential problems and psychology, much more that I had anticipated. The work was rendered in a timely, courteous and professional manner. The final work product was impeccable. It was a good feeling all along to work with this firm because the exchanges were very pleasant and I learned a lot in the process. I am very satisfied

Alan L. Kliff
AK Immigration Consultants
17550 Burbank Boulevard,
Suite 103 Encino, CA 91316

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