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Biz and Legis adopts best legal research methodology and utilizes all the available resources in the best manner. The attorneys at Biz and Legis can identify the hidden issues and these are necessary to find the most appropriate legal solution for you. Legal research is required in all spheres of law. The procedure in which legal research is to be conducted is same in all areas of law. Even if legal research is to be done in a matter related to shipping law or in a company law matter the procedure of research still remains the same. Legal Research is a mandatory step in all legal matters. It helps in understanding as to what are your rights, what has been infringed, what can you do to remedy such infringement, what are the other remedies available. Legal problems are encountered by all, be it an individual or a company. The first step in all the legal problems is to perform legal research.

Legal Research is the very basic foundation on which a whole legal issue or case rests. Legal research thus forms the very crux of all legal matters be it contract drafting, be it litigation or any other legal issue.

Legal research forms the basis on which an attorney formulates or arrives at a Legal opinion or advice. Legal research is what supports the legal decision making. It is in other words the process wherein the issue is identified, the regulations governing the issue is researched upon, relevant case laws are referred to, and current status of law is looked into. The complete process of recognizing and collecting relevant legal information is known as Legal research. Legal research is thus the very foundation of a sound legal advice.

Why Legal Research

Legal research is mandatory in all legal issues be it a legal advice, be it a litigation matter, even if it is related to drafting an agreement legal research is required. Thus legal research is the very crux of all legal solutions. Legal Research involves:

  • Identification of the issue of dispute
  • Identify and collect the applicable legislation
  • Identify and collect the applicable case laws
  • Identify the other applicable legal reviews, legal articles etc
  • Identify the other non legal sources from where relevant information can be obtained
  • Analysis of such collected information.
  • Arrive at a conclusion.

Legal research is required in order to perform all legal services. If you intend to start a new business entity then legal research is required so as to determine the applicable legislation which would govern the functioning of such entity. Such legal research would also help in identifying the forms which are to be filed in order to form the entity and the records which are to be maintained for the proper functioning of the business entity. In a litigation matter, legal research is required at each stage, right from the moment a case is filed in the court till the final disposal of the matter and even after that if an appeal is to be filed on the decision then even in that case legal research is required. While drafting contracts legal research is required, it is so because many a times the legislation specifically make it mandatory to insert certain clauses in certain contracts. Thus, legal research is required in this regard in order to determine such mandatory clauses. It is evident that Legal Research is the crux of all the legal services.

Why Biz and Legis

At Biz and Legis, our efficient team of attorney's are learned and experienced to handle complex issues with ease. Our Legal Research team is well equipped to conduct any kind of legal research as per your requirements and needs.