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Legal Research


We at Biz & Legis assure to provide you effective services in the realm of legal research. Legal Research is something which consumes a lot of time, but then it is something very crucial for every legal issue and it is for the same reason it cannot be ignored. Biz & Legis is the place for legal research. At Biz & Legis we have a team of dedicated professionals working round the clock to research on various legal issues put forth by you. We have quality assessment at each level to ensure the accuracy of the final delivered product. We have many legal databases and subject experts with us, which ensures that the final product is of superior quality. We have access to many databases like Lexis, Nexis, Westlaw, Fastcase and much more. We work in close coordination with our clients and offer end to end legal research services for our clientele. Our end product is always concrete and to the point. To know more try our services and learn the difference..

Case Law Research

Case Law Research involves searching for cases related to specific issues at hand. The basic intention behind this is to collect as many..

Regulatory Research

The basic objective with which the regulatory research is done is to determine the applicable rules and regulations with regard to a particular issue at hand.

Legislative History Research

Legislative history research involves the background research and study of the circumstances surrounding the enactment of a statute,

Foreign Law Research

Foreign law is the law governing non-US States. It differs from international law as it deals with domestic laws of a non US nation,

Multi Jurisdictional Legal Research

Multijurisdictional surveys helps one in understanding statutes, rules, regulations and case laws related to particular legal topic..