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data protection lawData is the very basis of any activity. The data in question over here is the personal data of individuals. Information technology and internet has been growing at an alarming rate every day. The use of internet is at an increase and e-commerce can be rightly stated as a business flourishing due to the increased use of internet. Such activities or even any other activity over the internet requires the transfers of data from the user of such services to the provider of such services. At the time of such transfer the provider is entrusted with the responsibility to ensure the safety of the data so being transferred. The data protection laws and regulations of different countries further make it mandatory to take steps to ensure the safety and security of such information which is being transferred over the internet.

Data protection is not only mandatory for activities over the internet, but it is also a necessity in other cases also. Globalization has resulted in the emergence of outsourcing. Such companies to whom the data is being outsourced are also placed under an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure the security of such data. Another instance when data protection comes into play is when a company intends to transfer its work to another company or intends to collectively start a new business venture with another company. To start any such project or venture the companies would have to exchange such data material for the project or venture. The entity receiving such data is placed under an obligation to take such necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of such data so transferred. It is thus mandatory for business entities to have complete knowledge and understanding with regard to their obligations under the respective data protection laws and take practical steps to further ensure the security of such data.



Data Protection Law Services

We provide the following services in this regard:
Compliance audit and Report :
We would conduct a compliance audit with regard to the respective data protection laws and your obligations under the same. After the audit we would provide you with a detailed report which would include:

  • The specific data protection law applicable in your case,
  • Mandatory obligations on your part as prescribed by the law,
  • What has been done by you,
  • What more could be done to avoid liability,
  • Consequences if such obligations are not met with.


Our team of seasoned attorney’s has the knowledge and the analytical ability to help you out with regard to the issues of data protection. Data equals to power today, you might be tempted to use such power or someone else might be if such data is not protected. Such temptation might prove costly for you in the long run. It is better for you, your business and for its reputation if such sensitive data is adequately protected. Our team works round the clock to ensure that your business is in compliance with all the mandatory obligations placed by the data protection laws.