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Website Legal Compliance Audit

Technology has redefined the mode of doing business. E-Commerce and internet activities made it easy to reach, interact and transact with customers and clients. Websites are the virtual corporate offices of today's businesses.

Your website is your window to the world.
Your website is your megaphone to communicate with the world.
Your Website is your virtual business and market place.

Legal Compliance Issues for a Website?

There are strict internet laws in all jurisdictions. Most of your web- activities which are legal in your country may be illegal and punishable in other countries. Considering the global reach of internet, you are exposed to the global internet jurisprudence by having a website and activities there in.

These are mainly three potential legal liabilities to be checked and avoided.

1. Web Content

Web Content carries what you intend to convey to the whole world. But it is found in recent studies that 73% of the website contents are in non-compliance of laws. Many of such web-site owners are dragged into litigations and huge liabilities for their lack of knowledge on the illegibility of their Web Content.

2. Website Legal Documents

It is essential to have website legal documents posted in your website, either for the visitors, users of your online services, those who share information with you, or obviously for the whole world. The law prescribes many mandatory legal documents. It is essential to have Terms of Use/User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer etc in your website. Certain web activities need to have statutory disclosure documents in the website. If you have just posted a legal document copied from another website or deduced from a template will not save you from any legal impediments.

3. Website activities

There shall be many incidental activities related to your website. It may be e-commerce, posting of information, blogs, search facilities, downloads, financial transactions, chat, customer interaction, online sales, auctions, service offers, advertisements, social networking, freelance workplace, server services, professional services, professional solicitation, lotteries, gaming, hyper linking, framing, etc..There are many strict laws to cover each activity. Thus it is essential to know the legality and implications of yours/your users online activities through your website.

Thus in short,

The content in your website may break many laws including Privacy, Intellectual Property, Consumer etc. You are supposed to have certain essential documents in your website such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, IP Policy, Disclaimer, IT Policy, User Agreement etc If you already have such legal documents, it is essential to check the sustainability and strength of those documents. Your activity through the website should be in compliance with all related laws. Ensure that you will not be dragged into potential liabilities later.

Some of the legal requirements we cover in our Audit:

  • Trademark compliance and infringement issues
  • Copyright infringement issues
  • Essential Disclosures
  • Restricted Activities
  • Restricted Contents
  • Hyperlinks, Meta tags, frames
  • Professional Ethical Issues
  • Jurisdictional Issues
  • Domain Name issues
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act compliance
  • Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliance
  • Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act compliance
  • HIPPA compliance
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley compliance
  • Communications Decency Act compliance
  • FTC regulations compliance
  • 18 U.S.C.-2257 adult website requirements compliance
  • SPAM / CAN-SPAM Act compliance
  • EU Regulations
How to make your website compliant of all Legal Requirements?
  • Conduct a thorough Website Legal Compliance Audit with competent Internet Law Attorneys
  • Implement all corrective actions as suggested in teh Audit Report
  • Post all the required Legal Documents on your website
  • Redraft the legal documents if necessary.
How we do it?

Our Internet Attorneys do comprehensive Website Legal Compliance Audit and submit you a complete report. After you make all corrective actions we issue you Website Legal Compliance Certificate to post in the website.

Is it costly?

Our hourly cost is nearly 25% to that of your jurisdiction.

We shall work based on Flat fee basis, which shall be fixed before commencing the work.

Our Services
  • Website Legal Compliance Audit
  • Comprehensive directions on corrective actions
  • 25% discount on drafting website legal documents such as Terms of Service, User Agreement, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Disclosure, IP Policy, and IT Policy.
  • 25% Discount on redrafting or correcting the existing legal documents.