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Information Technology Law

E Commerce Law - Issues, Policy, Requirements and Legal Aspects


Electronic commerce involves the buying and selling of products or services over the internet or other computer networks. The concept of e-commerce has grown and so has the number of businesses involved in e-commerce activities. The advent and growth in technology and internet has promoted the growth of e-commerce. It might sound very simple as you may think that it only involves creating a website and then to offer products and services for sale, but then its just not that simple. It has many complications. The legal implications involved in a business are many and if due care is not taken in this regard then the same would be detrimental to your business and reputation. Each country has formulated its own set of regulations governing e-commerce activity. The compliance with such e-commerce regulations is a mandatory prerequisite for entities intending to start an e-commerce business. There are many points which a person has to keep in mind while operating an e-commerce business activity. The website layout, content, the manner in which the details of products or services so offered for sale on the website are to be presented and many other things are to be kept in mind while operating an e-commerce activity. Many laws and regulations govern an e-commerce activity and the same varies from country to country. It is very essential to make sure that such legal requirements are met with. These regulations generally prescribe the manner in which an e-commerce business is to be operated, the mandatory reports to be maintained, the manner in which the products are to be advertised on the website, the copyright issues which are to be kept in mind etc. Non compliance of such regulations can result into the closure of your business activity and the same would cause you monetary loss.

Legal Aspects in E Business and E Commerce Law

Since e-commerce is gaining popularity among the internet savvy population it would be a wise investment to start an e-commerce activity. And it would be wiser if you start such an activity in accordance with the laws of the respective countries so that you get profitable returns and to further ensure that your business is not closed down due to non compliance.




We provide the following services in this regard:

Regulatory compliance audit :

We conduct the complete audit with regard to the applicable statutes and regulations governing an e-commerce activity and provide you a detailed report for the same.

Website legal audit:

We would conduct a website legal audit with regard to your website where goods and services are offered for sale to ensure that your website has all the mandatory requirements as specified by the law and is not in violation of any of the copyright or trademark laws.


Our team has the skill, knowledge and experience is dealing with e-commerce related issues. We have the resources and the patience to go through all the applicable legislations in order to ensure that your e-commerce activity has a smooth functioning.