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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (IP) Asset Valuation

IP are assets, rather valuable assets, these are the assets which impart you an edge over your competition. It is thus important to keep a track of the worth or value of such assets . The valuation is done on the basis of :

  • The reason for valuing the assets
  • Description of the asset
  • The manner in which the asset is to be used

It is on the basis of these that the scope of analysis is determined. For instance if the matter is related to a litigation matter then the scope would be different from what it would have been if it was related to the sale of such assets. It might sound simple but it is a complicated task and requires an in depth understanding of the IP environment worldwide. Valuation is done for different reasons , many a times it is done at the time of mergers and acquisitions or for the purposes of financial reporting or while granting license to a third party to use the IP. The criterion which is used for valuation of a patent differs from the one used for the purpose of valuation of trademarks. On the basis of the IP valuation you can arrive at a business decision.


IP owners
Business entities


We provide the following services in this regard:

Valuation report

After an in depth analysis in the matter we would provide you with an IP asset valuation report.


Our team has sufficient knowledge in the field of IP laws worldwide and adequate experience in dealing with IP asset valuation. The knowledge and the experience would be used by us to determine the value of your Intellectual Property.