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Pro Bono Legal Services

Biz and Legis is in the process of giving new dimension to probono Services through its Virtual Legal Services. Biz and Legis think globally. Biz and Legis identifies it as a universal citizen, with commitment to all needy people around the world. For B and L, Legal Service is not only a business, but rather a social commitment too. The founders of Biz and Legis had vision to grow this firm as a socially committed organization along with its corporate activities. However global recession had been a catalyst for the pro bono activities by Biz and Legis.

It was really eye opening for Biz and Legis and its team members that how a financial crisis would make a common man as well as a corporate giant unable to act for needy justice when it is denied. The flood of foreclosure cases in US gave a momentum to this realization process to Biz and Legis team. There had been thousands of homeless, those who lived their royal life in the fast and later thrown into the street like destitute.

This made Biz and Legis to do a research and analysis on “Entry barrier for justice due to legal costs” and our findings were shocking. This led Biz and Legis to set up a permanent set up for probono legal services to needy people around the globe either by providing them legal services free of cost or reduced cost.

Biz and Legis work closely with many major law firms and non profits in their pro bono activities so that we can have a better reach to the needy people and can execute novel service programs in each jurisdiction.

We have set up a team to deal with the probono clients and also to ensure that they get needy and quality services. If you are a person, struggle for justice, never concede to injustice for lack of funds. Contact us for a reasonable service for you, Biz and Legis is committed to you.