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Corporate And Commercial Law Service

Corporate Law covers the legislation which deal with the formation and functioning of a business entity and many other procedural issues related to the same. It is the most important group of legislation and rules as far as corporate entities are concerned. From formation to dissolution, to the functioning of any corporate entity, it is all regulated by the Corporate laws.

The firm is actively involved in general corporate law advice to its domestic and multinational clients. We assist our clients in drafting as well as negotiating commercial contracts for various kinds of transactions such as shareholder agreements; business process outsourcing arrangements; software development agreements; marketing tie-ups; agency and franchise etc.

We have been advising on a wide range of matters starting from establishing a corporate presence in India to various corporate law issues faced by its clients in their day to day business. Please visit Our Services to know more about our Corporate Legal Services.

Biz and Legis gives the best legal assistance for those in need. We offer a wide range of legal solutions for all your concerns. Our experienced online lawyers would assist you as virtual lawyers and provide you all the necessary legal support in order to remedy your legal grievances. You can cut off the moderate fee to your duty attorneys, get the affordable representation at the time of judicial proceedings against you or your business, company, firms etc.

Corporate and Business Law

Corporate law is a wide branch of law. It governs the business and transactions between corporate entities. We at Biz and Legis provide you corporate legal services of superior quality. The legal services we offer in this regard are as follows:

1. Legal Research with regard to the legal formalities and requirements for incorporation of an corporate entity

2. Contracts to meet with the many needs of the corporate entities

3. Legal Advice for mergers and acquisitions

4. Corporate Legal Audit to ensure compliance with the applicable corporate laws.

The legal issues in corporate law might seem simple, there might be only issue of dispute, but that one issue would have many other overlapping issues and therein comes the difficulty. We at Biz and Legis are a team of skilled lawyers with expertise in corporate law and the same helps us to identify these overlapping issues correctly and ultimately to come up with legally compliant, effective and practical solutions for the corporate entities.