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Intellectual Property Law

Biotechnology Law


The Scientific Education has been very kind on the human mankind. Biotechnology has led to Social Modification to which humans are highly grateful. Better medicines, agrarian products, healthcare services are some of the services benefitting the humans. But if Science can be beneficial, it can be derogatory as well. Science can be mis-used or incorrectly used proving harmful. Regulating the research, inventions, industrial application of biotechnology is a hot subject where the state intervention and constant watch is necessary. That is where the Biotechnology Law comes into action which regulates and mandates certain activities on the concerned people. Biotechnology Law is comparatively new and dynamic in nature and gaining pace worldwide.


  • Pharma Companies
  • Agrarian Companies
  • Scientists
  • Engineers
  • Medical Institutions
  • Research Institutes
  • Government/ Regulatory Bodies


  • Legal Advice/ Opinion
  • Legal Documentation (Business Plans, terms and policies, etc..)
  • Patent Services
  • Strategic Advice


The Biotechnology systems come with high potential and great future applicability. Being an industry of high returns, this industry is difficult to venture into because of the existence of numerous policies, capital requirement and specific knowledge about the subjects of science and IT.

Being an ever-evolving domain, vivid regulatory measures can restrict the growth of the industry and due diligence, if not taken while compliance of the law and necessary documentation, can pose huge threats on the concerned business. Not only survival, but the business also needs a competitive advantage to over-power the competition in the market.

We at Biz and Legis keep the requirements and the customs of the industry and our client's interests in mind and offer them distinct services. Apart from law, our lawyers are highly trained in other fields like Commerce and Science as well giving us the potential to deliver superior performance to our Clients. Our expertise in the Information Technology Laws and Intellectual Property Laws further boost our association and services offered to our Clients. With positive work experience with our Clients with regard to Biotechnology laws and dealing with both Start-up companies and established companies, it further adds to the experience of our firm.