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Information Technology Law

Information Technology Law Services - IT law

Information Technology, communications and e-commerce group is at the forefront of this rapidly evolving area of law and technology. The growth of the Internet, broadband services and wireless telecommunication technologies has raised novel and complex legal issues, including tax and commercial law.

The practice focuses on emerging information technology and electronic commerce legal issues such as doing business on the internet, electronic contracting, encryption, digital signatures, export issues, software, electronic publishing, software piracy, multimedia, data security, electronic fund transfers, electronic record keeping, electronic licensing and distribution and interactive on-line services.

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997, National Telecom Policy of 1999 and consequent legislation ignited a rapid expansion and deployment of technologies and services in India, it attracts new competitors and creating a new landscape for documenting legal relationships and a potential for litigation. Biz and Legis's Info-Communications and Technology Business Practice Group represents a range of industry players and brings varied knowledge to bear on this evolving industry by virtue of the volume and complexity of the transactions we have handled. We represent clients who provide or purchase voice, video, data, and all kind of Info- Communication and Technology related services. Attorneys from all relevant legal areas with experience in telecommunications industry transactions and cases coordinate the transactions. The Principal Partner of Biz and legis leads Info-Communications and Technology Business Practice Group and specializes in Information Technology, telecommunications and Broadcasting Law (both regulatory and transactional).

Media Law

Though media plays a vital but distributed role in the development and maintenance of any society, it varies according to the political system, economy, culture and religious setup of various societies. The filmmakers of certain countries are much celebrated as masters despite of the strict regulatory and economical restrictions. Another strong mass media, the press is regulated and controlled in each jurisdiction in different manner which obviously controls its functions and procedures.?

Either it be the entertainment industry or most serious activities related to press, it is very important to have strict compliance or local regulations both for creating profit out of it and to avoid any unpleasant regulatory clutches.