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Intellectual Property Law


Trademark is a distinctive sign that is used by a trader in the course of his business or trade. A Trade mark service the function of indicating the trade source and origin of the goods and/or services of a trader. The presence of a trade mark on a trader's goods and/or services enables his customers to differentiate his goods and or services from that of his competitions. In essence, a trade mark is a brand name.

Trademark is not a new concept but has been since olden days. It grants an identity to the goods and services offered by one manufacturer. Trademark registration grants the owner of the trademark owner a set of exclusive rights. Trademark registration is a necessity if you intend to protect your unique identity in the form of the trademark. Trademark registration is a mandatory requirement in today's competitive world. Trademark is the unique identity which helps the consumers to distinguish between goods and services offered by one manufacturer from that of another manufacturer. In order to survive the cut throat competition is it better to get one's trademark registered.

Trademark is a logo, design, color, numerals or a combination of these which helps one to distinguish your product from others. Trademark registration is the manner in which you can protect your trademark. Trademark registration starts by filing an application in the Trademark Office of the respective country. The application should be duly filled and submitted. The application would be accepted or rejected after detailed examination of the application.

If the Office has certain queries with regard to the application then the applicant will be contacted for clarifications. If the clarification is found to be insufficient by the authorities then the same can also act as a ground for refusal of the application. After detailed examination by the Office the application is then published for opposition. Only after clearing all these stages would the trademark be finally granted. When a trademark is registered then you have the exclusive right to use it and to prevent others from using the mark.


  • Individual,
  • Business Entity.


We provide the following services with regard to Trademark Registration:

  • Detailed explanation of the process of trademark registration.
  • Determination of the appropriate trademark class for trademark registration.
  • Prepare the trademark application for trademark registration:
  • Detailed instructions for filing the application,
  • Explanation of the mark along with its features ( color of any other) if any,
  • Explanation of the services provided under the respective marks,
  • Determination of the appropriate filing basis for the mark.
  • Provide all the explanations and clarifications if any requested for by the respective trademark Offices,
  • Provide all other necessary intermediary documents till the registration of trademark.


Trademark registration is a complex process and the same cannot be done without the help of a skillful trademark attorney who is experienced in the area of trademark registration. At Biz and Legis we have a team of well versed trademark attorneys. The experience of these attorneys and their in depth knowledge in the area of trademark is another trait which keeps us ahead of others. Our team is in tune with all the recent amendments in trademark laws.

Each step of the registration process is given due care and the same results in the application being accepted by the respective Trademark authorities. We assure you the confidentially and privacy of the information and business details you have entrusted us for the purpose of trademark registration. We have a satisfied group of clients who can stand testimony to our expertise and fruitful services in this area.

Trademark is not a new concept, but has been there since ancient times. In ancient times the merchants used to employ different means so that their goods and services are differentiated from those of the others. One such mode of distinction was by use of marks on goods. This concept of marks has now evolved into trademark.

Trademark Registration steps

Trademark is a distinct identity of any product or services. It is the one which helps the end users to distinguish between products of different manufacturers. In order to stay ahead of competition today it is very important to preserve this unique identity. The legal protection granted to such unique names, marks and logos is by way of trademarks. We at Biz and Legis offer trademark services and it includes:

  1. Trademark search and report - Trademark is not granted with regard to marks and logos which are already registered or are deceptively similar. Thus prior investing in a mark it is very important to determine whether the mark is already in use by someone else or not. Trademark search is conducted to determine whether or not your mark can be trademarked or not.

  2. Trademark Application - Trademark application has many questions related to the trademark law and is too technical for a layman. It is for this reason you would need attorneys with sufficient knowledge in trademark law for drafting the trademark applications. Our team at Biz & Legis is well experienced in filling the trademark applications.

  3. Response to office action and Opposition - After the application is filed the examiner might have certain concerns and the same is sent to the applicant. Our attorneys have drafted accurate legal responses to such actions and the same has resulted in the grant of trademark in all cases. Our attorney's also have the experience to draft and file effective responses to the opposition.

Our attorney's have sound technical knowledge of trademark law and the same helps them in performing trademark services effectively. It is this excellence that keeps us ahead of our competition with regard to trademark services.