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Forensic Loan Audit, Mortgage Audit - USA

Biz & Legis is a Global Virtual Law Firm with offices in multiple jurisdictions like US, Singapore and Middle East. We work to ensure that you don’t fall prey to predatory lending and other fraudulent activities of the lenders. Biz & Legis specializes in performing Forensic Loan Audits in which all the loan document and the law governing the loan is analyzed to determine if there are any violations. Our dedicated team of attorney’s assures to provide you effective services, as per your requirements. We provide services of loan audit in US at reasonable cost and ensure that our client always has the best deal possible.

Responsibility of Auditors

It is the auditor’s duty to detect and report irregularities. Auditors are also responsible for detecting and reporting material discrepancy in financial statements, due to fraud. Prevention of fraud is one of the prime responsibilities of the auditors.

Loan Audit Procedure

Loan Audit basically involves the review of the documentation supporting the loan, its accuracy and reliability and the extent of compliance with the applicable legislation.

Why Us

Biz and Legis provides services of loan audit in US at reasonable cost. At Biz and Legis, our efficient, experienced teams of attorney’s and audit professionals, with excellent work record handle complex issues with ease.
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