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Intellectual Property Law

Copyright Registration

Copyright is a concept which owes its origin to the Statute of Anne in Britain. It was the first Act which gave the author of the work all rights as the owner with regard to the work for a fixed period of time.

Copyright is given with regard to works of artistic nature it could be in the form of literary works i.e., stories or poems or artistic works like paintings, sculptures etc. Copyright registration protects the works with creative elements. By virtue of copyright the author of such creative works is given the exclusive right with regard to such creative works, to create, reproduce such works and derive monetary benefits from the same.

Copyright protection protects the rights of an author of the work. Copyright is granted with regard to literary, artistic, dramatic works etc. Copyright registration grants the right to copy, to distribute and to adapt the work. Copyright registration ensures that the author of the work has a set of exclusive rights. The author who holds the copyright can license, transfer or assign such rights to anyone. Copyright grants protection to a wide range of works. Copyright registration ensures that your rights with regard to your works are well protected. Copyright Registration is gaining importance day by day and for better protection and enforcement of your rights it is better to get copyright registration. Copyright is the right of the author with regard to any artistic or literary work etc. In order to protect the rights of the author it is better to get copyright registration. Copyright registration is not a mandatory condition for the enforcement of your rights, but the same acts as a valid proof at the time of enforcement of your rights.

Copyright exists from the day the author describes the work in any tangible medium, so technically there is no need for registration as such. But in future but then in future if your work is infringed and you do not have the copyright with regard to the same it would be difficult and would be a mammoth task for you to prove the authorship of your own work. But then this task would be simpler if you own the copyright of such work and the same is possible by way of copyright registration. So the process of copyright registration will protect the ownership of your creativity or work. Copyright registration will ensure that no any other persons gaining economic benefits from your creativity or work.

The works which are granted copyright protection include literary works (novels, poems and plays), reference works (encyclopedias and dictionaries), advertisements, maps, technical drawings, computer programs, newspaper articles, films, TV programs, musical compositions, artistic works (paintings, drawings, photographs and sculptures), etc.


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Application and Filing:

We prepare the copyright application and all other necessities to be filed at the respective copyright offices with regard to your original work


Our team is experienced in preparing copyright applications to be filed at the respective offices. This can be further verified by looking at our record of successful granting of copyrights by the respective copyright offices.

More about Copyright and Copyright Registration

Copyright is the set of rights which are exclusively granted to the author of any original work. Copyright is granted with regard to literary content, dramatic works, music, paintings, sculptures, photographs, architectural drawings, sound recordings, motion pictures, computer programs and for a few other things. The rights so granted to the copyright owners is the right to further copy and distribute such work and use the work further for any commercial gains. Copyright is granted for a certain time period and at the expiry of such time the work enters public domain. Such works with regard to which copyright exists can be used without the copyright owner's permission by a third person provided such use falls within the fair use exception or other exceptions. The copyright owners can grant others the license to use such works of original authorship or can also assign such exclusive rights to others.

Copyright Registration

Copyright exists as soon as the author inscribes his original work in any tangible medium; it is so as per the copyright laws of some countries. There is no mandatory requirement for copyright registration. But if your copyright is infringed then you would have to prove that you have the copyright with regard to the work and any use by any third party is an act of infringement of the rights granted to you. If you have registered such a copyright then it would be a valid proof to prove your rights. The registration further acts as a notice with regard to the ownership. Thus it is better to get copyright registration.

Copyright Licensing agreement

Copyright license agreement is an agreement by which the copyright owner grants another person the right to exercise his rights (the copyright owner). By virtue of this agreement the licensee obtains the rights to use such copyrighted work and such uses are specified in the agreement. The agreement must possess all the essentials of a valid agreement for the same to be enforceable.

We Biz and Legis offer varied services to protect your valuable works by mode of copyright. Our different copyright services serve the different needs of different clients.

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