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A great number of corporate business firms of United States have succeeded in reducing their cost by outsourcing their Legal works with Legal Process Outsourcing firms or LPO companies. Many business organizations in America survived were able to get a breather during the dark times of recession and financial crisis by employing the services of these LPO’s. These LPO’s played a very crucial role in further reconstructing these organizations facing financial crisis. LPO’s offered them efficient and effective services at very subsidized rates and they were able to relieve some of their financial burden.

If these organizations were to get their legal works done in US itself then it would have only added on to their financial woes. It is due to the high cost of legal services in US. The cost incurred by organizations to get their legal works done was very high. Such was the scenario before recession. During recession these organizations outsourced their legal works as they were not able to keep pace with the increasing charges for legal services. This outsourcing turned out to be beneficial as the revenue of such companies which outsourced their works to LPO’s increased upto 6 percentage.

Legal Process Outsourcing is the act of one company seeking the help of another company to address its legal issues. When such an entity to which the legal tasks are so entrusted are based in another country then it is called outsourcing. The tasks are outsourced to another country as it is economical and not costly. The quality of work is of superior quality and the cost incurred is one fourth of what has been usually incurred. The services offered by LPOs include:

  • Document Review
  • Legal Research
  • Consulting Services
  • Litigation support services (draft the required court documents),
  • Contract review and management
  • Corporate Due diligence support
  • Research in areas of intellectual property
  • Draft applications for intellectual property protection etc.
LPO Services

Law firms and business entities outsource their legal works to limit costs. These cost factors along with high quality end product are the major factors which have contributed towards the growth of Legal Process Ooutsourcing companies.

LPO’s serve:

  • Individual clients,
  • Law firms
  • Corporate Legal Departments
  • Business entities.



The services so offered by Legal Process Ooutsourcing firls are affordable and of superior quality. Legal Process Outsourcing firms provide a wide range of legal support services to the legal community worldwide and thus help them in receiving value for their money. Be it research or drafting or any other legal tasks these LPO’s have depicted their expertise and skills. With LPOs you can be assured that the end product would be of high quality. The solutions so offered are comprehensive and effective in the long run.