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Legal Aid

Legal aid is given to people who do not have sufficient financial resources in order to afford representation in the courts. This is an attempt to ensure that everyone has equal access to justice.

Law Firm Services

Law firms are business entities formed by a group of lawyer for the purpose of practice of law. The basic service so offered at any law firm is legal advice. Such advice is offered to the persons in need it could be an individual or a corporation. This advice could be with regard to the rights they have in a particular legal issue, or the legal obligations they have to necessarily fulfill.

Law Firms provide specialized services on the basis of the needs of the client and on the basis of area of law in question. In every law firm primary emphasis is laid on identifying the issue of grievance of the client, on such identification the remedy available is determined, and then the course of action which is to be taken for remedying such grievances is finalized.

The service so offered in a law firm includes but is not limited to:

  1. Legal Advice
  2. Legal Representation
  3. Regulatory compliance audits
  4. Draft and review contracts
  5. Protection of intellectual property etc.

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Get a legal services from us
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