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We provide legal services for corporate entities as per their requirements. Our dedicated team of experienced attorneys delivers corporate legal services of superior quality. Our team has solutions for all your corporate legal problems. Be it related to formation of a company, any major corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, dispute resolution, issues related to the IT and IP assets of the corporate entities, tax compliance issues, competition and other regulatory issues or any other area in corporate law, at Biz and Legis all your legal concerns are addressed accordingly.

Globalization has changed the conventional corporate principles dramatically. The flow of cross border commercial transactions and international foreign investment has redefined the corporate compliance mechanism into a much common platform. Biz and Legis provides all kind of corporate legal services and support for corporate companies stressing importance to the quality service for solving their legal issues.

Our confidence is our International Corporate-Commercial experience and obviously our corporate principles. Our Mission is to provide Globalized corporate, the local service, expert advice and specialized assistance with a cross-border perspective. The firm provides professional advice on a broad spectrum of corporate work ranging from General corporate advice, Company Incorporation in India and abroad, corporate governance and Due Diligence. We advise on matters relating to Foreign Direct Investment in India, Special Economic Zones, Customs Laws, Tax laws, Foreign Exchange Management Regulations.

We also provide innovative legal solutions such as Legal Translation into Indian languages and vice versa, Legal Support Services etc. The firm also assists in obtaining statutory permission and sanctions from various regulatory and government bodies, departments and agencies. We also have a strong Litigation team ready for corporate litigation /support throughout the jurisdiction.

Due Diligence

It is quite difficult to define the areas where the due diligence is required in a corporate-commercial transaction/activity. Due Diligence being the preventive mechanism, is essential in each transaction in one mode or the other. In any corporate activity carrying commitments or liabilities or in any strategic transition involving another entity we advise you to do comprehensive Due Diligence by concerned branch.

Biz and Legis has wide corporate due diligence experience

  • In Inbound or Outbound Acquisitions
  • Mergers, Takeovers Real estate transactions
  • Joint Ventures and collaborations
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Private Equity Empanelment of vendors
  • Foreign portfolio and Direct investments
  • Partnership
  • Intellectual Property related activities

Biz and Legis understand the shortfalls in the present Due Diligence procedure being conducted in the industry and have taken strict and novel steps to ensure concerned partner involvement in crucial document verification, final analysis of data and preparation of final inference for you. For Biz and Legis due diligence is not mere the ‘maximum data collection’, but to have the best and elaborated commercial-legal analysis, in order to structure the transaction with all foreseeable risks, and to prevent any potential harm. We always make sure that the end product of the due diligence should be clarity in decision and transparency in transaction rather than creating confusion or ambiguity.

Corporate and regulatory advice

It is important for you to have an experienced corporate-regulatory advisor, in all of your corporate commercial transactions. We advise our clients on
corporate regulatory compliance issues in Incorporation of Companies-In India and abroad, in:

  • Establishment of Branch, Liaison and Representative Offices
  • FEMA Exchange Control and Regulatory Matters
  • Tax compliance
  • Partnership, Societies etc Distribution, Agency and Franchise Agreements
  • Foreign Collaboration, Joint Ventures
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Warehousing, Special Economic Zones
  • VAT Laws in India
  • Winding Up and Liquidations
  • Securities Laws and Regulations
  • Corporate and Shareholders’ Disputes
  • Corporate Restructuring and Reconstruction
  • Misfeasance Actions
  • Oppression Actions

Merger, Acquisition and Take over

M and A activities have become a significant part of strategic business agenda of corporate asset owners. The M and A transaction volume is much heightened in the recent days given the have also driven a resurgence in demand for the M and A services of the Investment bankers, attorneys and financial consultants who facilitate deals. Since the M and A activity is a strategic decision to capture the market, definitely it is much regulated by the Competition law of the corresponding jurisdiction.

It is equally important to have constant and stringent watch &supervision upon the M and A activities would be highly essential in the new economic environment, in order to make it happen, but safely capture more market share. Biz and legis is not mere assisting the corporates in their requirement for M and A due diligence, but we really understand the need for the support of a legal team experienced in all facets of M and A operation.

Tax advice

It is appreciable that you uphold your corporate responsibility to pay tax to the state for the benefits given by the state and to strengthen the economy for welfare as well as development activities. It is equally important to be answerable to the investors to give them maximum returns and hence to save each penny to your business account and hence to save tax legally. Minimising the corporate tax liability within the legal frame work is an art and task. Thus an equilibrium is highly essential to strictly comply the corporate governance & responsibility and to have maximum tax savings for your investors.

Biz and Legis believes in the above corporate tax policy. Our Corporate Finance-Tax practice group continuously updates themselves with the latest changes in the corporate tax regime. The Indian Taxation system is well organized but so complicated with the rapid changes happening its global counterparts. So the task remains upon our team to advise you on the latest policy/regulation

Corporate Litigation support

It is difficult to run business without disputes. Though you and your counterparts are equally responsible, the legal understand or interpretation may vary leading to disputes and inevitably to corporate litigation. The cost your business may have to suffer in lost litigation would be high and hence the support from a competent corporate litigation team is essential for you. The firm conducts commercial litigation, domestic and international arbitration in India and worldwide through its associate and correspondent lawyers, concerning disputes arising in banking, commercial contracts, sale of goods, debt recovery, public and private international law besides other areas.