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Virtual Legal Service is a professional way of providing online legal services which can be accessed through internet by clients and their attorneys from any part of the world. Virtual Legal Service is not just a lawyer keeping in touch with his/her client through email but it is much more than that. The advancement in technology has made it possible for the lawyers and likewise their clients to interact in a streamlined and safe environment wherein the transactions are kept confidential. Virtual Legal Service has gained popularity in recent times. One of the reasons for this being the fact that it does not cost as much as traditional law firms would and also has environmental benefits such as having paperless transactions in contrast to rooms filled with files and cabinets. Virtual Legal Services will be the new way forward in the modern legal industry.

Biz and Legis is a law firm located in India providing legal services for all legal issues. Our expert lawyers are well experienced in legal review of documents, legal drafting and in providing other related legal support services. Our satisfied customers include individuals, law firms and multinational corporate business organizations of many countries. It is clear that we have a wide range of clientele and to serve them satisfactorily we offer a wider range of legal services. We have succeeded in providing timely litigation support services and support services related to arbitration for cases from United States of America and many European countries including United Kingdom. Our online lawyers are handling a series of problems categorized in bankruptcies, foreclosures, corporate legal matters, legal drafting etc satisfactorily. We assure you that all your confidential information is safe with us.

The legal services and solutions so offered by us are according to your needs. Such needs vary from person to person. The legal needs of an individual would be different from the needs of a law firm. But we have successfully catered to the needs of different client sections. Our team works round the clock to ensure the timely redressal of your grievances. We have never compromised on quality. It is due to this non compromising attitude that we have a long list of satisfied clientele.

Virtual Legal Services
Global Virtual Lawyers are in demand today. The whole concept of virtual legal practice by attorney’s and lawyers has revolutionized the area of legal practice. These virtual lawyers provide legal services of superior quality. They offer cost effective legal solutions as per the client requirements. Growth in technology is also one of the main factors contributing towards the escalation of Global Virtual Lawyers to new heights.


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Biz and Legis has attained the top position among other legal process outsourcing companies in India. Apart from off shore legal works, our attorneys work as virtual legal supporters with committed service in protecting all of your legal rights. The fact that we have progressed at such a short span of time is a clear evidence of the fact that the services and the effective legal solutions so offered by us have resulted in addressing the needs and remedying the grievances of our clients.

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Biz and Legis is a law firm for online legal services and supports. Our expert attorneys are specialised in providing high quality services for clients through out the globe. We undertake tasks like legal review of document, Legal drafting, Legal Research etc for Business and Corporate firms.