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Shipping Law

The full complement of shipping-related work is offered by Biz and Legis, including purchases and sales, cargo-claims, casualties, charter parties, collisions and marine insurance. Ship arrests and releases are where the firm particularly excels, where young and committed partners are specifically involved.

Our Specialty Services in Shipping law includes:

  • Arrests or Release of Vessel in Mumbai, Kochi and other ports in India
  • Arbitration Bunker disputes
  • Cargo claims
  • Liner operations
  • Marine insurance
  • Maritime litigation
  • Ownership disputes.
  • P and I settlement Claim for the building, equipping or repairing of any ship
  • Claim for the possession or ownership of a ship 
  • Claim in the nature of salvage services
  • Claim for damage done by any ship 
  • Claim for damage received by any ship or sea-going vessel 
  • Claim for necessaries supplied to any ship CIF and FOB contracts
  • Claim and cause of action in respect of any mortgage
  • Claim in the nature of towage
  • Claim by a master in respect of disbursements 
  • Claim by a master or crew for wages, etc. 
  • Demise, time, and space charter agreements
  • Freezing injunctions/ ship arrest or release
  • Lay time and demurrage disputes
  • Performance warranties
  • Port regulations
  • Purchase and sale of vessels and other maritime assets
  • Resolving maritime lien and ship mortgage disputes 
  • Unsafe port or berth claims Vessel repair litigation

Foreign Direct investment

The Recent history of the role of FDI in the economic growth of India relates back to the economic and financial reforms in 1991. According to AT Kearney, India ranks second in the world in terms of attractiveness for FDI. AT Kearney's 2007 Global Services Location Index ranks India as the most preferred destination in terms of financial attractiveness, people and skills availability and business environment. Similarly, UNCTAD's World Investment Report, 2005 considers India the 2nd most attractive investment destination among the Transnational Corporations (TNCs).

The Government of India in March 2005 amended existing norms to allow 100 per cent FDI in the construction business. This liberalization act cleared the path for foreign investment to meet the demand into development of the commercial and residential real estate sectors. It has also encouraged several large financial firms and private equity funds to launch exclusive funds targeting the Indian real estate sector. Until now, only Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIOs) were permitted to invest in the housing and the real estate sectors. Foreign investors other than NRIs were allowed to invest only in development of integrated townships and settlements either through a wholly owned subsidiary or through a joint venture company in India along with a local partner. FDI is not permitted in the following industrial sectors:

  1. Arms and ammunition.
  2. Atomic Energy.
  3. Railway Transport.
  4. Coal and lignite.
  5. Mining of iron, manganese, chrome, gypsum, sulphur, gold, diamonds, copper, zinc.
Biz and Legis has a committed, qualified and experienced FDI Advise Group, which can assist and advise you on all your FDI Projects/Plans.

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Tax Law

It is the corporate responsibility to pay tax to the state for the benefits given by the state and to strengthen the economy for welfare as well as development activities. It is equally important to be answerable to the investors to give them maximum returns and to save each penny to your business account and hence to save tax legally. Thus, an equilibrium is highly essential to strictly comply the corporate governance and responsibility and to have maximum tax savings for your investors.

Biz and Legis believes in the above corporate tax policy. Our Corporate Finance-Tax practice group continuously updates themselves with the latest changes in the corporate tax regime. The Indian Taxation system is well organized but so complicated with the rapid changes happening with its global counterparts. So the task remains upon our team to advise you on the latest policy/regulatory changes so as to streamline the impacts and to minimize any risk involved.

Company Law

In India, the Companies Act, 1956, deals the entire law relating to a company- from its incorporation to its winding up. Companies Act primarily regulates the formation, financing, functioning and winding up of the companies. Regulatory mechanisms regarding all relevant aspects including the organizational, financial and managerial aspects of the company are detailed in the Act.

Biz and Legis is actively involved in advising our corporate clients on various aspects of the company law. Thorough knowledge and expertise of the company law is required at every stages of the functioning of the company. And we offer you our expertise and experience we gathered through yea

The Company Law practice group in Biz & Legis provides you with their support in any legal issues relating to the formation and running of the company. The foreign investors who wish to set up a new company in India or opening a subsidiary company can approach Biz and Legis for any legal assistance in addition to the business set up services provided by