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International Legal Services

Biz and Legis offer international legal services. We serve the international clients with ease and expertise. If it is an issue of incorporation of a corporate entity in another country, then we offer all the details and legal formalities to be completed in order to incorporate the business, the reports and the records to be mandatorily maintained by such business entities, agreements for the functioning of such business entities and prepare an appropriate litigation strategy for resolution of any disputes. Our dedicated team of lawyers has mastered the art of dealing with any international transaction and that too with ease.

Legal Research

Legal research is done in order to address the legal issues of an individual or any corporate entity. With regard to research we first identify the issues in dispute, and then begins the process of research. In research we first identify the basic source of law which would be the applicable act or regulations. If there is no legislation in this regard then we would refer to the relevant case laws and identify the solutions for your legal concerns. After identifying the applicable legislations and case laws we analyze the same in the light of the facts of the case and then arrive at a conclusion in this regard. Legal research is useful for an individual and for a business entity.

Why Biz and Legis

Biz and Legis provides high quality legal research, document review, intellectual property, contract management, and factual research services to all sized law firms and corporations in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and India at low costs. In order to deliver the highest value proposition to our clients, we have assembled vastly skilled and experienced global teams of attorneys and associates. Each practice group at Biz and Legis is managed by attorneys with extensive practice experience in their fields. The practice group leaders ensure that our clients receive the highest quality and value-added work product that they are accustomed to expecting.

We offer a variety of pricing plans to our clients depending upon their needs:

  • hourly rates
  • flat fees arrangements on project/assignment basis, and
  • full-time equivalent arrangement Virtual In House Counsel
    Please contact us to learn more about our rates or to request a quote for our services.

Our LPO Services for Law firms

1. Legal Research and Draftings

  • Drafting template contracts
  • Preparing Research Memoranda
  • Reviewing transactional and litigation documents
  • Conducting Due Diligence and Preparing Reports
  • Surveying and collating laws of various jurisdictions

2. Due Diligence Support Services

Due Diligence Support services Due diligence is a necessity prior to any transaction. Due diligence is done in order to ensure the legality and validity of any transaction. Due diligence is to be necessarily done in matters of Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate Investment etc

3. Legal Support

  • Indexing and scanning documents
  • Legal transcription Word processing
  • Digital dictation  

3. Business development and Client Relation materials

  • Monthly bulletins under your brand name, for client circulation
  • Business development materials
  • Research materials for internal circulation
Virtual In-house Counsel

Imagine having your own in-house counsel, totally dedicated to all your legal and paralegal matters, available 24/7 and at a fraction of the cost that you would pay a major law-firm or by hiring your own company lawyer. The economics of outsourcing dictate that this is indeed possible for you to have your very own in-house counsel at a far more affordable rate, without sacrificing quality, and to have the kind of attention that you can only hope for from major law-firms.

Biz and Legis has pioneered the concept of the ‘Virtual In-house Counsel’ which aims to provide companies with their own support function providing a range of appropriate legal and paralegal services for companies. Based on your specific requirements, we will depute a competent legally-trained professional, with the appropriate level of expertise to assist with your in-house legal and paralegal requirements. You may also choose from a range of ‘Package Options’, ranging from an ‘Annual Retainer’ (for 24/7 support for 365 days) to a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ option (for specific hourly support, as and when you need it).

Our Services for Companies

The range of outsourced legal and paralegal services offered by Biz and Legis includes:
1. Research
Focused research on miscellaneous laws in any jurisdiction. We will also prepare a Memorandum summarizing the provisions of the law, to help you better understand what the law actually says.

2. General Corporate Advisory
Commercially-driven advice on a range of legal issues affecting your Company, including employment and labour law issues, intellectual property, business registrations and compliance issues.

3. Drafting and Documentation
Reviewing and /or drafting various template contracts for the Company’s business activities, e.g., supply and distribution contracts, license and assignment agreements, confidentiality and non-compete agreements, etc.