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Legal Offshoring

Legal Offshoring, the new trend in the legal field as it saves time and cost. There is no compromise on quality and at the same time it is cost effective also. Legal Offshoring is preferred by entities in west as the legal expenses are sky high. Expert Attorneys of Biz and Legis can assist you if you are need of any kind of legal services. Our attorneys can represent you in courts to protect your rights; we ensure your legal protections. We undertake every legal matter and provide the best service and support for your welfare. What ever may the needs, which ever be the legal system you and your state follows, and our attorneys can help you if there is a legal offshoring against you. We offers legal services related to civil laws, business, corporate laws, information technology laws, criminal, personal, property, disputes, human rights, political, administration etc. Our professionally committed attorneys can easily categorize the legal issues and frames the legal remedies for you.

Our confidence is our International Corporate-Commercial experience and obviously our corporate principles. Our Mission is to provide Globalized corporate, the local service, expert advice and specialized assistance with a cross-border perspective. We provide high quality legal services for all international business firms and companies.

We have a strong Intellectual Property Practice Group, and apart from our practice in India, over the years we have built strong relationships with intellectual property law firms in the region and worldwide, so as to able to serve our clients' needs. Biz and Legis provides high quality legal research, document review, intellectual property, contract management, and factual research services to all law firms and corporations in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and India at low costs. Our online legal service facilities are capable to blend all kind of businesses with law. We have a strong Litigation team who can cater the requirement of corporate as well as the individual clients. It is important for a law firm in a jurisdiction like India to have wide network all over the nation, to have a timely and effective presence in all Courts across the country.

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Business Setup Services

Biz and Legis specializes in providing Business Set-up Services for companies wishing to incorporate a company or set-up a business in India, across various industries and sectors.


Biz and Legis’s arbitration lawyers assist our clients with resolution of disputes in all areas of general and special practices, including commerce, Technology, construction shipping, finance and industry. For our client’s general or specialized needs of translation or interpretation we have set up, Translation Services Wing with no compromise in the quality.