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Every transaction in your day to day life has legal implications. If you purchase a defective product then what are your rights as a consumer, if you plan to buy a real estate property then what are the things that you should keep in mind. You might come across many questions like these in your day to day activities and if you need definite answers to these questions then you have no other option but to contact a lawyer .

If you are looking for Legal answers online, then you have come to the right place.

Biz & Legis is the place for you. Our panel of experts are qualified and experienced to answer any question in the field of law. Is real estate the cause of your concerns or is it something else, are you worried about any kind of discrimination at workplace or is it a contract which is bothering you, do you have any tax queries which are always unanswered or are you about to sign a contract which you do not understand, are you facing foreclosure or has someone defaulted with its payments towards you, do you want to know what your rights are as a consumer or do you want to know how to get a patent registration done, do you intend to start a business and don't know the regulations which apply to you or you want to file a complaint but don't know the procedure.

Give us your questions and we will give you the answers. Not just any answers but the proper legal answers given by an expert panel of legal professionals.

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What gives us an edge over the others is the fact that our expert panel is an excellent blend of experience and knowledge. And their quest for knowledge is what gives us the leverage. We have experts in Taxation Laws, Company Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, Procedural Laws, Environmental Laws, Real Estate Laws, Shipping Laws and the list goes on. The list of expertise is never ending just like the knowledge of our panel. Our panel of experts is a select group of seasoned experts in the field of law. Our panel’s sharpness in legal matters, the proficiency with which they answer questions is what keeps us ahead of others.

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