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Arbitration is a mode of dispute resolution which is gaining popularity day by day. There is a rise in disputes but people are not very keen on taking all the matters to the courts because generally if an issue of dispute is taken to courts then lot of time is lost. Today more and more people prefer to arbitrate and resolve their disputes.

Arbitration is one of the preferred modes of dispute resolution today. It is due to the fact that it is less time consuming as compared to approaching the courts for relief. The courts take a long time in resolution of disputes and many a times even after a significant amount of money is spent the ultimate decision of the court might not favor both parties equally. But in arbitration this is not the case. Both the parties get a fair chance to present their stand.

Arbitration - The decision, by a private person, of a controversy submitted to him by disputants who have agreed to accept this decision as a final determination of their claims. In many states, it is governed by statutes.

As a social institution, law and its regulations will remain one's whole life. The importance of law as a form of social control can not be avoided to any member of a society. Till there are regulations and rules in the society, there will be legal needs and legal problems for anybody took part in the social dealing. Nobody can predict when and where an individual need a law aid or a legal support. The current education systems do not gives deep awareness about out current legal system.

All of us may not be completely aware about the possibilities of law and constitution. Most of the persons involving in any business and dealing can be in need of a legal guidance or support any time. It is not easy to get best advice in legal matters from a lawyer or attorney timely. There comes the importance of online support of a virtual lawyer who can provide timely guidelines for you. Online arbitration service providers with experience and professionally qualified attorneys. The online attorney can speak in favor of you ( if you are a person in need of a legal service) The online lawyer can write for your benefits. He can support a client and argue for the client on his behalf, can defense of another person can pleads for in behalf of another. No need of worry if you are not sounded good in legality, you can assign the virtual lawyer of Biz and Legis. He will complete all legal formalities for you. Our law firm is the best in arbitration services. It is common fact that human being is the most social animal, but social dispute among these high social animals are very common. Dispute in the speech, dispute during business dealings, properties, ownerships, royalties, creativeness etc. The virtual arbitrator or the online attorney of Biz and Legis can resolve any disputes. The legal service team under our label is number one in arbitration services. They are the leaders in negotiations, settlements in any kind of disputes, best performers as a neutral third party. We are leading in arbitration services and our experience in arbitration includes successful resolution of many commercial disputes, international and multi national business deputes.

Our arbitration lawyers include those who have undertaken study and practice in International Commercial Arbitration from NUS Singapore. We understand the multi cultural and the multi jurisdictional aspects of international business in this age of globalization. We have vast experience in dealing the issues of Multinational Clients. Biz and Legis assist our clients with resolution of disputes in all areas of general and special practices, including commerce, Technology, construction shipping, finance and industry.

International Commercial Arbitration

Concerns over costs and delays in litigation procedures together with the increasing globalization of the modern business world have led to the development of more flexible means of resolving disputes which provide alternatives to the Court based litigation governed by the law and procedure of a particular state or country. There are different categories of Dispute resolution Processes, such as

  • Binding or Non-binding
  • Adjudicative or Consensual
  • Mandatory or Voluntary
  • Right-based or Interest-based
  • Arbitration is an adjudicative dispute resolution procedure in which a tribunal issues a ruling known as an award. Arbitration is a private alternative to the Court litigation.

Arbitration developed initially very much as a true alternative to litigation.

A domestic arbitration takes place between parties of the same jurisdiction, whilst an international arbitration in some way transcends national boundaries. In deciding whether a dispute is international, two criteria may be employed, such as nature of the dispute, alternatively the nationality or place of business of the parties.

There are number of international arbitration bodies, such as the International Chamber Commerce (ICC) and the London Court of International Arbitration (ICIA), Singapore International Arbitration Center (SIAC) which aim to administer international, rather than domestic arbitration.

In India, the Indian Council of Arbitration established in 1965 is the apex arbitrating organization at the national level. The main objective of the Council is to promote the amicable and quick settlement of industrial and trade disputes by arbitration. The Government of India, the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the other important Chambers of Commerce and trade associations in India as well as export promotion councils, public sector undertakings, companies and firms are in its membership. The Indian Council of Arbitration (ICA) being a specialized arbitration Institution provides arbitration facilities for all types of domestic and International commercial disputes.