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Arbitration is one of the alternatives to resolution of disputes outside the courts. In this the parties to dispute refer the matters of dispute to one or more persons (arbitrator or arbitrators) who after considering the issues at hand give a decision which is known as award. Arbitration is many times a preferred mode of dispute readdress as it is less time consuming, more economical, and if the dispute requires an arbitrator with expertise knowledge in any specific area of law then such a learned person can be appointed as the arbitrator. There are some areas with regard to which the parties are not at liberty to arbitrate. The law governing arbitration varies from country to country.

International arbitration

International arbitration is the mode of resolution of disputes which arise between parties to any international commercial agreements related to international transactions. This arbitration is created by parties and herein the parties to the agreement agree to submit themselves to arbitration in case of any disputes. The arbitrators are selected by the parties to the agreement. This arbitration has many advantages for parties entering into international commercial transactions. In such international transactions the parties would be from different jurisdiction and many problems could be faced while choosing a forum for dispute resolution. The most uncomplicated and simple way in which disputes between the parties to any international commercial agreements can be resolved is by way of international Commercial arbitration.